1st Edition

New Understandings of Twin Relationships
From Harmony to Estrangement and Loneliness

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December 24, 2020 Forthcoming by Routledge
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Book Description

New Understanding of Twin Relationships takes an experienced-based approach to exploring how twin attachment and estrangement are critical to understanding the push and pull of closely entwined personal relationships.

Based on the research expertise of each of the authors (all identical twins in their own right), and vignettes from twins across the globe, this book describes the inner workings of the twin-world, showing how the twin-world creates experiences that are often more intense and intricately textured than those in the singleton-world. Chapters debunk myths surrounding twinship and analyze the developmental stages of the twin relationship as well as the effect of being a twin on one’s mental health from different perspectives. The authors articulate how attachment, separation anxiety, loneliness, estrangement and the subjective experience of the twin and non-twin "other" impact behavior, thinking, and feeling.

Through its careful study of the many psychological challenges that twins face throughout their lifetime, this text will help psychologists, scholars, clinicians, and twins themselves attain a deeper understanding of all interpersonal relationships.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Myth, Fantasy, and Realty: The Challenges Twins Face Sharing Their Early Lives and Growing Apart by Barbara Klein 

Chapter 2: The Study of Twin Experience as Twins: A Phenomenological Approach by Jacqueline M. Martinez

Chapter 3: Communicative Intricacies of the Twin-World and Twin-Identities by Jacqueline M. Martinez

Chapter 4: Parenting: The Critical Determinant of Twin Attachment and Mental Health in Twins by Barbara Klein

Chapter 5: Developmental Changes in Twin Relationships by Barbara Klein

Chapter 6: "Alone Without the Mirror" I: Humans, Twins, and Loneliness by Stephen A. Hart

Chapter 7: "Alone Without the Mirror" II: Twins, Separation and Chronic Twin-Loneliness by Stephen A. Hart

Chapter 8: "In the Hall of Mirrors": Twins Living in the Non-Twin World by Stephen A. Hart

Chapter 9: Estrangement Between Twins by Jacqueline M. Martinez

Chapter 10: Can Twins Be Alone in the Mirror? Psychotherapy for Twins by Barbara Klein



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Barbara Klein, PhD, is identical twin who has devoted her career to twin-identity development. She has written 4 previous books helping parents and twins alike deal with fighting and loneliness and speaks nationally and internationally to twins about building more authentic relationships with their others.

Stephen Hart is an identical twin, PhD, is a lifelong student of psychology and has worked with the Sandhurst Department of Communications and Applied Behavioral Science to support their teaching of the ‘Understanding Self’ and ‘Understanding Other’ modules of the Reading University-accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Strategic Studies.

Jacqueline Martinez, PhD, is an identical twin. She is an associate professor at Arizona State University where she studies and teaches courses on communication, semiotics, and phenomenology. Her published work includes Phenomenology of Chicana Experience and Identity: Communication and Transformation in Praxis (2000) and Communicative Sexualities: A Communicology of Sexual Experience (2011).


The book for which you are waiting! If you are a twin, have twins in the family, or are just plain curious about twins—read this book now. The narrative explanation of twin thinking and behavior comes alive from three blended perspectives— communicologist, psychologist, and sociologist. The who, what, where, and why of twin lifeworlds is depicted with profound insight and enticing clarity. The research, the therapy, and the statistics about twins emerges in personal narratives, thematic analysis, and defining typologies. For the general reader and specialist alike, the book covers person to person communication, issues of identity, anxiety, and separation for each twin, each family, and the public response to both.         

Richard L. Lanigan, director and laureate fellow, International Communicology Institute, Washington, DC; fellow, Polish Academy of Science