1st Edition

New Unions, New Workplaces Strategies for Union Revival

    This book makes a major contribution to the debate within the UK and abroad on the reality of workplace unionism in an era of change. Drawing on examples of union renewal, the authors present an historical overview, and compare the UK experience with contrasting international examples. It presents both qualitative and quantitative research to provide new and comprehensive evidence on trade union strategies.

    1. Unions Facing up to Crisis
    2. Union Organising in the New Workplace
    3. Job Reform and Recollectivisation in the Aerospace Industry
    4. Manufacturing Change in an Era of Corporate Instability
    5. The Insurance Industry - Back to Basics?
    6. The Paradox of Partnership in the Public Sector
    7. Negotiated Privatisation in Public Utilities
    8. What Future?


    The authors work in the Employment Studies Research Unit, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England.
    Andy Danford is Senior Lecturer and Researcher in employment relations and author of Japanese Management Techniques and British Workers.
    Mike Richardson is researcher and tutor of employee relations and business systems, and also tutor of economic and social history for the Faculty of Humanities, University of the West of England.
    Martin Upchurch is Senior Lecturer in International Employment Relations.

    'For scholars of specialist classes in employee relations at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels this book provides invaluable research evidence and a corresponding analysis with which to critically evaluate workplace change. I would have no hesitation recommending this book to students, academics and policy-makers alike.' - Kirsty Newsome, Employee Relations