1st Edition

New Zealand in the Making A Survey of Economic and Social Development

By J. B. Condliffe Copyright 1930

    First published in 1930, New Zealand in the Making is an economic history of the democratic experiments in New Zealand. The geography, population, government ownership of public utilities, compulsory arbitration, pensions and all other factors have been covered in detail. The book will be of interest to anyone keen on learning about New Zealand as well as to students of economy, history, agriculture, and government.

    Preface 1. The main periods of development 2. The economic status of the Maoris 3. The alienation of the land 4. The rise of the pastoral movement 5. The origins of State socialism 6. The experimental period 7. The economic transformation 8. The triumph of the freehold 9. Borrowing for the development 10. The economic functions of government 11. State regulation of wages 12. Maternal legislation 13. Imperialism and foreign affairs 14. An experiment in democracy Appendix Index


    J. B. Condliffe