New and Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development  book cover
1st Edition

New and Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development

ISBN 9789058096265
Published February 15, 2004 by CRC Press
492 Pages

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Book Description

The International Conference on New and Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development held in Ponta Delgada, Azores (2002), Portugal, has provided technology specialists and hardware developers with the opportunity to discuss, review and demonstrate the research directions, the design methodologies, and the production techniques leading to cost- effective energy technologies for sustainable development.

This dialog provides the context for more detailed technical presentations and panel discussions on energy systems, renewable resource exploitation, and the engineering design and optimisation for minimum resource consumption. The papers included in this volume are selected from those presented at the conference reflecting to present the state-of-the-art developments in the field.

The selection of papers presented in this volume has enlightened various fields of scientific and economic development which should merge efforts in the understanding of the sustainable development concept and technological implications. The book will be of particular interest to engineering practitioners, product developers, researchers, and also economists, political scientists and government administrators exploring the multifaceted relationship between renewable energy technologies and sustainable development. Keynote lectures frame the technical and policy issues confronting the sustainable development movement and enrich the dialog between various segments of the community.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Energy sustainable development in islands and tourism -- The Integrated Development and Environmental Additionality Assessment System - IDEAAS /A. Flamos, J. Psarras &J.-E. Samouilidis -- Renewable energy-based electrification of East Timor - A strategy for sustainable development /D. Mota, M. Nogueira & M. Rodrigues Pinto -- Development of a decision support tool for sustainability assessment of energy recovery systems using refuse derived fuel /D. Kolaitis, D. Giannopoulos & M. Founti -- Geothermal energy sources -- An urban low-enthalpy geothermal initiative as a sustainable development opportunity. The environmental assessment issues in an urban industrialized area in the geothermal state of Europe /M. Andreozzi, P. Bagnoli, G. Gabbani & M. Negri -- Evaluation of the length of insulated inside and outside pipe effect on heat efficiency of a Downhole Geothermal Coaxial Heat Exchanger (DGCHE) /T. Kujawa & W. Nowak -- Ocean wave energy sources -- The potential of ocean wave energy to contribute to the Portuguese R.E.-Mix /F. Neumann, A. Brito-Melo & A. Sarmento -- Approach and tools for the implementation of ocean wave energy devices /A. Brito-Melo, F. Neumann & A. Sarmento -- Wind energy sources -- Practical implementation of forecasting model in the analysis of wind energy impact on grid frequency /A. Rios Villacorta -- Power curves and rotor thrust curves for Hawts: BLADE Code /R. Carranza & S. Garcia -- Using Meso-Scale modelling for the prediction of wind resources in Portugal /J.M.M. Sousa -- Biomass energy sources -- Biomass gasification and use of syngas as an alternative fuel in a Belgian coal-fired boiler /Y. Ryckmans & F. Van den Spiegel -- Co-firing of low rank coal and biomass: a promising pilot experience /P. Canalis, J. Palacio, J. Pascual, J. Royo, F. Sebastian & R. Tapia -- Measurements in a 1.5 MW pressurized gas turbine combustor operated on biomass derived low calorific fuel /M. van der Wei, B. Adouane, O. Unal, W de Jong & H. Spliethoff -- Natural emission spectroscopy for diagnostics of the reaction zone inside a MILD combustor /M Marrocco, M. Magaldi, V. Visentin, M. D Apice, R. Cipriani & S. Giammartini -- Evaluation of biomass residuals in Portugal mainland /J. Dias & J.L. T. Azevedo -- Biomass and waste gasification in AFB reactor /Z Skala, L. Ochrana & Nguyen Van Tuyen -- Biogas generation from Jakarta municipal waste /S. Adisasmito -- Co-combustion of biomass in lignite-fired power plants /D. Kirmse & H.J. Krautz -- Fuel cell technologies -- Demonstration of fuel cell technology for decentralised co-generation in Greece /E. Kakaras, D. Giannakopoulos, A. Rouvas & K.D. Panopoulos -- Fuel cells as source of ecological energy for automotive vehicles /K. Lejda -- Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) for decentral cogeneration /I. Romey, D. Behrens & S. Schmitz -- Preparation of active nickel electrodes by oxidation /reduction /T. Werber, Z. Zurek, T. Wierzchon, J. Stoch, A. Stawiarski & M. Homa -- Barriers for commercial application of fuel cells /F. Chen, M.G. Carvalho &L.M. Alves -- The development of a multipoint sequential injection hydrogen fuelled engine /R. Sierens & S. Verhelst -- Energy in buildings -- Dynamic windows in buildings /F. Gugliermetti & F. Bisegna -- Numerical analysis for performance evaluation of a passive roofing system cooled by water evaporation /M. Manzan & O. Saro -- Study of a trigeneration system in an office building /L. Roriz & A. Mortal -- Shading devices in building design /F. Bisegna & C. Aureli -- Evaluation of energy systems -- Controlling active power flow in an electrical network containing conventional and renewable production /F.N.P. Medeiros, H.M.G.C. Cabrita &R.M.G. Castro -- Experimental-computational evaluation of a solar water heating system /J. G. Barbosa Saldana & P. Quinto Diez -- Trigeneration - SOFC for power, heat and material supply J. Stichtenoth & R. Meyer-Pittroff -- Sustainable energy from waste by gasification and plasma cracking, featuring safe and inert rendering of residues. -- Recent experiences for reclaiming energy and ferrochrome from the tannery industry J. Hetland, S. Lynum & S. Santen -- Introduction of small-scale biomass gasification systems in rural China and the Amazon region of Brazil /J. Andries & C. Timmers -- Isolated areas as a base of modem economical structures in future /O. Jedicke & H. Dumpert -- Separation of plastics from municipal solid wastes /M.T. Carvalho, F. Durao &A. Felicio -- Selection of polymeric materials for limited regions, referring an effective waste-management /O. Jedicke, C. Herrmann, M.J. Garcia Vargas & E. Pintado Navarro -- Author index.

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