1st Edition

Next-Gen Technologies in Computational Intelligence Proceeding of the International Conference on Next-Gen Technologies in Computational Intelligence (NGTCA 2023)

    The Proceeding includes the research contribution from the International Conference on Next-Gen Technologies in Computational Intelligence (NGTCA 2023) held on March 24th 2023 at Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies. NGCTA 2023 is the flagship conference of the Computer Society of India (Region 7). Computer Society of India (CSI) is the largest association of IT professionals in India. CSI is a non-profit organization established in 1965 and its members are committed to the advancement of theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems. The Mission of CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning, and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. At present, CSI has 76chapters across India, over 550 student branches with 1,00,000 plus members. It serves its members through technical events, seminars, workshops, conferences, publications & journals, research projects, competitions, special interest groups, awards & recognitions, etc. Various CSI chapters conduct Research Convention every year.

    1. Blockchain-Based Identity Management System in the Digital Industry
    D. Gayathria and Dr. V. Raghavendran

    2. An Improved Neural Network Classifier for Melanoma Skin Lesion Detection
    Dr. T. D. Srividya

    3. Trust Aware Energy Efficient Model Using Evolutionary Computing in WSN
    Mythili Varatharajan, Kavitha Govindarajan, and Suresh Alexc

    4. Introspection of CNN Primitive Features for Indian Sign Language Based Hand Gesture
    Recognition of Daily Used Words Using Machine Learning
    S. Gnanapriya and K. Rahimunnisa

    5. Implementation of Quantum Image Processing Techniques Using the Chan-Vese
    Segmentation Algorithm to Convert Bits to Qubits to Enhance The Storage Capacity
    of the Pixels to Achieve Optimal Output to Identify the Paddy Leaf Diseases
    Dr. A. Prema Kirubakaran and Dr. J. Midhunchakkaravarthy

    6. Prediction of Bitcoin-Heist Ransomware Attack Using Machine Learning
    S. Ishwarya, Dr. L. Jaba Sheela, and Dr. T. S. Suganya

    7. A Review of Classification, Detection, and Prognosis of Coronary Artery Disease
    C. K. Revathi and H. Santhi

    8. Optimization of Packet Length using Exclusive SCCO Algorithm In WSN And IoT Based
    R. Adhi lakshmi, S. Pavalarajan and A. Mohamed Anwar

    9. Novel Triphasic Architecture to Ascertain Malicious Exam-Takers
    Aditya Deepak Joshi, Garvit Luhadia, Rajarshi Bhattacharyay,
    Sendhil Kumar, K. S.,*and Govinda, K

    10. SDKL Hybrid ML Model to Predict Heart Disease Detection
    M. Balamurugan, and S. Meera

    11. Optimization of Energy Aware Clustering For Wireless Sensor Network
    N. Sasikala, S. Pavalarajan, and A. Mohamed Anwar

    12. Next-Gen Technologies in Computational Intelligence [NGTC-2023] PID 62
    S. Janet Grace Susila and D. Kavitha

    13. Efficient PHOA Based Routing Network Protocol
    for IoT-Sem System
    P. Priyadharshini, S. Pavalarajan and A. Mohamed Anwar

    14. Enhancement of Security and Performance
    of Multimedia Data Transmission Over Fog
    Ayushi and Dr. Manisha Agarwal

    15. Improving the Energy Efficiency Based on Cooperative Routing Using Genetic
    Algorithm (GA) for Dynamic Clusters in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
    K. Prakash and Dr. S. Sathya

    16. Chest X–Ray Based Classification of Lungs Pathology Using VGG-16 Features
    and Double Ensemble Classifier
    Sadakathulla P. K.and Dr. R Parameswari

    17. Machine Learning Algorithms To Predict The Brain Stroke
    Dr. Krithika. D. R.

    18. An Efficient Student Relationship Automation Using Multimodal Temporal
    Convolution Networks and Ranked Resolving Computations
    S. Muruganandam, C. Jeevitha, and S. Jaya Krishna Raj

    19. Data Privacy Preservation with Optimization Technique for Effective Multi-Cloud
    Storage and Security
    K. H. Vani and Dr. P. Balamurugan

    20. A Framework for Real-Time Prediction of Inappropriate Content
    N. Suraj, Varun Rishwandh Sekar, Thuhin Khanna Rajesh Kannan, and Priya Vijay

    21. Statistical and Algorithmic Color Normalization and Stain Separation Methods:
    A Brief Study
    Lourdu Rayappan and Dr. R. Parameswari

    22. Classification of Malware Infected API Call Sequences With Ensemble Learning
    Bhavith Chowdary, Tulasi Venkata Sirib and Linda Josephc

    23. DDoS Identification and Defense Procedure Using Deep Learning Approaches For SDN
    Srihari Bodapati, and Dr. A. Akila

    24. Comprehensive Autonomous Vehicle Optimal Routing With Dynamic Heuristics
    V. Ragav, M. Jesher Joshua, and Syed Ibrahim S. P.

    25. Fake Review Detection in Movie Recommendation System Using Hybrid Method
    P. Eshwara, Gokul Krishna, and S. Sathya Priya

    26. Leprosy Screening Through Image Processing Methods
    Ratham Agrawal, Anmol Anand, Devansh Mishra, Mehul Sharma, Sathish Paul,Jeninth Mohan, Esthe Rita, Dheeba J, Kalairassan, Saritha Murali, and Biji C. L.

    27. Real-Time V2V Communication for Collision Detection in VANETs Using
    ESP Mesh Protocol: An IoT-Based Implementation for the Internet of Vehicles
    Darshit Niravbhai Vadgama, Gariman Bhutani, and Jayavignesh Thyagarajan

    28. Cyber Security Holes of JSON Web Token
    Dr. Remya Chandran

    29. Blockchain for Philanthropy
    Shamith. Rao, Kaushal Damania and H. Santhi

    30. Predictive Analysis Using Big Data in the Treatment of Pulmonary Diseases
    K. N. Jyothilakshmi and Dr. R. Parameswari

    31.An Improved and Secured Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Matrix Bitwise
    Complement for Data Security in Cloud
    R. Mary Sheeba, and Dr. R. Parameswari

    31.An Improved and Secured Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Matrix Bitwise
    Complement for Data Security in Cloud
    R. Mary Sheeba, and Dr. R. Parameswari

    32.Real-Time Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP) for Wireless Sensor Network:
    Implementation and Analysis Using SENSEnuts IoT Platform
    Chakravarthi Harshitha, Tallavalasa Venkatesh, and Jayavignesh Thyagarajan

    33.Mobile-Based Cloud Detection Model for Skin Cancer Using Machine Learning
    K. Devi, B. Muthusenthil,a and S. K. Saravananb

    34.Using the Greedy Algorithm to Minimize Bandwidth in P2P Networks Over Video
    Live Streaming
    Karthikeyan Kaliyaperumala and N. Kannaiya Raja

    35.Human Brain Tumors and the Role of the Neural Network
    R. Sankaranarayanana, Dr. M. Senthil kumar b,and Dr. B. Chidhambararajanc

    36.Best Fit Topic Model Coherence Improvement for Subectivity Analysis of Gestational
    Diabetes Mellitus
    J. Jeyalakshmi* and S. Poonkuzhali

    37. A Decentralized Application-DAPP for Remote Voting System Based on Blockchain
    K. Iswarya,a Dr. R. Josphine Leela,b and M. Devic

    38.Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Multimodal Imaging With Machine
    Learning Techniques
    K. R. Nandhashree,a and P. Jayashreeb

    39.Surface Defect Detection for Wet Blue Leather Using Deep Learning Approach
    Vinith Kumar, G., Pavan Chandu, S. Revathy

    40.Attack Detection for Stock Trading Application Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
    V. Ajay Sam, Nikita Singh, S. Revathy, M. Shakeel, and S.Sathya Priya

    41.Manipulation of 3D Objects in Handheld Augmented Reality for Campus Virtual Visit
    Motipalli Tharun, Ramella Naveen, Muthukumaran Malarvel

    42.Locality Recommendation System Using Exploratory Data Analysis and Affinity
    Abhishek Varma, Leela Krishna, Muthukumaran Malarvel

    43.Real-Time Pothole Detection Using Deep Learning
    Sanchay Chakraborty, Dakshita Prashar, and S. Sathya Priya

    44. Contact Less Virtually Controlling System Using Computer Vision Techniques
    Yakkala Lahari, Genipi Yaswanth, D. Chitradevi

    45.Underwater Benthos Detection in Marine Benthic Zone Using Single Shot MultiBox
    A. Milan Hussain, Vikram Varma, and D. Chitradevi

    46.Digital Human Creator Using Facial Expression and Voice
    Medagam Siva Vamsidhar Reddy, Tanikanti Venkat Kiran, D. Chitradevi

    47.Enhancing the Security of Electronic Health Records Using Consortium Blockchai
    G. Suman, C. H. Maruthi, and S. Revathy

    48. Deep Learning Model for Segmentation of Brain Tumor in MRI Images
    Kamani Praveena, Mopati Gowtham Reddy, S. Sathya Priya

    49. Embedding Intelligence on Edge Computing for the Classification of IoT Data
    Using Machine Learning with Deep Autoencoder
    S. Sujiritha and Linda Joseph

    50. Teens, Screens, and Mental Health- A Study on Digital Wellbeing
    Elizabeth Leah George and Dr. Jyotsna Dongardive

    51. AI-Enabled Human and Machine Activity Monitoring in IIOT Systems
    S. Sridevi and S. T. Deepa

    52. Application Development for Solving the Farmer Yield Problem Using Cloud
    J. Jeron Berselin, R. Muthukani, N. Arunthathi, and J. Frank Vijay

    53. AI Enabled E-Commerce Studio Website
    V. Rajkumaran, S. Vivek, S. Pradeep Raj, J. Frank Vijay, and Bharathi Kannan

    54. Correlational and Sentimental Analysis Using LSTM to Forecast Stock Price
    E. Pavithra, Angelina Geetha and Shri Bharathi SV

    55. A Novel Authentication System Based on CNN and IoT
    Suraj Golthi, Goutam Pelluri, and Sai Sabitha

    56. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Using LSTM and RNN Techniques 384
    Raguru Madhan, Kankanala Tharun, Dr. John Deva Prasanna, and Dr. John Aravindhar

    57. A Study on Cybernated Watermarking Approach on Image With Cryptographic Encryption 391
    Ms. R. Sivasankari, A. Aafrin Nisha, R. Blesslinjaffy, and A. Dhakshayani

    58. A Survey on Implementation and Development of AES Cryptography Algorithm
    In Various Fields 398
    S. Giridharan, J. Dhiviyaabharathi, R. Mehdir Muhammed, and S. A. Hajithashree

    59. A Survey on Alerting Using Honeyword System 403
    Mr. E. Rajkumar, B.Aravinthan,V. Muthiah, S. Pranav, A. Praveen Kumar

    60. A Study on IoT Based Road Safety and Traffic Management
    N. Jagadeesh and D. Kavitha

    61. Image-Based Steganography for Android: Concealing Secrets in Pixels
    Ms. S. Sivasankari, R. Akash, A. Akshaya priya, and M. Hariharan

    62. Various Methods of Injection Attacks
    Ms. G. Sathyadevi, S. Sethu Sridharan, M. Dharshaan, and M. Dharun Kumar

    63. Password Protection and Recovery
    Mr. E. Rajkumar, R. Sri Lakshmi, J. Sudharsan, and T. S. Hemanth

    64. Securing Wireless Communication in Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT
    Ms. G. Sathyadevi, M. Yokash, A. Sri Pillayar Santosh, and B. Nandha Kumar

    65. Prevention and Detection of Arp Spoofing – A Survey
    R. Sivasankari, D. H. Rakshith, M. M. Ramesh, S. Gokulavasan

    66. A Survey on Enhancing Password Guessing and Dictionary List Creation
    Techniques Using OSINT
    Mr. S. Giridharan, A. Selva Muthukumaran, R. R. Swarna Krishna, and M. Balaji

    67.Survey on Multi-Factor Authentication in Cloud Computing
    Ms. K. R. Nandhashree, M. Dhileep, R. Harish Kumar, and A. Karthikeyan

    68.Survey on Improvement in Efficiency of Steganography
    Mrs. C. Jeeva, P. Nijin, S. Atchaya Kumar,and S. Mano Subash

    69.A Hybrid Model for Guided Filtering-Based Edge Preservation of Fused
    Multi-modal Medical Images
    S. Sandhya, Dr. M. Senthil Kumar, and Dr. B. Chidhambararajan Dr.S.K.Suseed

    70.State of Art Survey on Memory Forensic Acquisition & Techniques
    Ms. K. R. Nandhashree, S. Sivaraman, M. Selvabalachandar, K. Yuvanesh

    71.Product Review System using CNN & MERN Stack
    Karnati Bhavesh Kumar Reddy, Tondapu Sumanth Reddy, M. Sambath, and J. Thanga Kumar

    72.Invading Into Android Using Metasploit
    Dr. M.Senthil Kumar, Dr. B. Chidambararajan, R. Vaishnavi Devi,
    A. Sabarigiridharan, and P. V. Ranjith

    73.A Review of Privacy Protection Data Utility Mining Using Perturbation
    D. S. Eunice Little Dani and Dr. R. Shalini

    74.Plant Disease Detection Using Stochastic Gradient Classifier With RBNN
    K. P. Sreelakshmi, and Dr. R. Parameswari

    75.Autonomous Assistance for Alzheimer’s Patients
    R. Julian Menezes, Nithin Kumar, Rishwanth Praveen, S. Sathyalakshmi

    76.Developing an Internet of Things based soil moisture prediction
    S. Shenbagavadivu, Dr. M. Senthil Kumar, and Dr. B. Chidambararajan Dr. S..K. Suseed

    77.Mitigation of Threats in Cloud Using Ensemble Hybrid Machine Learning
    S. Divya and D. Kavitha

    78.Detection of Insects, Birds, and Wild Animals in Farming Land Using Regional
    Convolutional Neural Network
    Mrs. N. Rajeswari, and Dr. D. Kavitha

    79.A Trifold Authentication Using Elliptical Cryptography in Cloud Computing
    K. Komathi and D. Kavitha

    80.Binary Classification of Medical Chest X-Ray Using Gaussian Naive Bayes
    in Machine Learning
    S. Shanthi, Dr. M. Murugan, and Dr. M. Mayuranathan


    Dr R. Anandan completed his post-doctoral degree in CSE from North America and currently working as Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, VELS Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS), Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. He has vast experience in corporate and all levels of academic in Computer Science and Engineering his knowledge of interests not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, Image Processing, 3d Printing and Knowledge Engineering. He has published more than 140 Research Papers in various international journals such in SCOPUS, SCI and referred journals. He has presented 92 papers at various International Conferences. He received many national and international awards he authored and edited 27 books and published 30 chapters in leading publications. He filed 18 patents of his research work and four patent and three copyrights is granted. He is also an associated as Editor in Wiley, World Scientific Press, Springer and Nova publishers. 

    Dr  Senthil Kumar Murugesan, Associate Professor in SRM Valliammai Engineering College, completed his PhD from anna university. Currently, he is working as an Associate Professor in Department of Cyber Security & CSE, SRM Valliammai Engineering College, Kattankulathur. He is having over 16 years of experience in Academia teaching Computer Science & IT related subjects in various colleges in Bangalore, Madurai and Chennai. He had published 54 papers in International Journals. He has presented 19 papers at various national and international conferences. He is also an awardee of two patents. He had published 15 articles in CSI Communications journal. He is a reviewer in many International Journals including Global Research and Development Journal, International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research and International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology. He delivered technical talks as a resource person in many colleges. He has received many awards from CSI India.

    Dr Biji C.L., Associate Professor in Vellore Institute of Technology, a creative and motivating teacher over a decade of experience in teaching and research. She completed her PhD in the area of Computational Biology from University of Kerala.Her Areas of research involves Data Analytics, Machine Learning, deep learning, and bioinformatics. She has published several papers which includes IEEE Transactions, Nature Scientific Reports and BMC Bioinformatics. She has served as the Editor for the proceedings of International symposium on Bio-informaticaindica 2022, Corona>A Compilation of Covid-19 Articles, Published by the Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, ISBN: 978-93-5493-685-2, November 2021. She also served as editor and associate editor for INSIDE/symphony newsletter released by University of Kerala and CSI Trivandrum Chapter.

    Vicente García-Díaz received the Ph.D. degree in computer science. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Science, University of Oviedo, Spain. He is also a Software Engineer. He has a Master in occupational risk prevention and the qualification of University Expert in blockchain application development. He has supervised more than 100 academic projects. He has published more than 100 research papers in journals, conferences, and books. His teaching interests are primarily in the design and analysis of algorithms and the design of domain-specific languages. His current research interests include decision support systems, health informatics, and e-learning. He ispart of the editorial and advisory board of several indexed journals and conferences. He has been an editor of several special issues in books and indexed journals.

    Dr Souvik Pal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Sister Nivedita University (Techno India Group), Kolkata, India. Prior to that, he was associated with Global Institute of Management and Technology; Brainware University, Kolkata; JIS College of Engineering, Nadia; Elitte College of Engineering, Kolkata; and Nalanda Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, India. Dr. Pal received his MTech, and PhD degrees in the field of Computer Science and Engineering from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India. He has more than a decade of academic experience. He is author or co-editor of more than 15 books from reputed publishers, including Elsevier, Springer, CRC Press, and Wiley, and he holds three patents. He is serving as a Series Editor for “Advances in Learning Analytics for Intelligent Cloud-IoT Systems”, published by Scrivener-Wiley Publishing (Scopus-indexed); “Internet of Things: Data-Centric Intelligent Computing, Informatics, and Communication”, published CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA; “Conference Proceedings Series on Intelligent Systems, Data Engineering, and Optimization”, published CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA; Dr. Pal has published a number of research papers in Scopus / SCI/SCIE Journals and conferences. He is the organizing chair of RICE 2019, Vietnam; RICE 2020 Vietnam; ICICIT 2019, Tunisia. He has been invited as a keynote speaker at ICICCT 2019, Turkey, and ICTIDS 2019, 2021 Malaysia. He has also served as Proceedings Editor of ICICCT 2019, 2020; ICMMCS 2020, 2021; ICWSNUCA 2021, India. His professional activities include roles as Associate Editor, Guest Editor, and Editorial Board member for more than 100+ international journals and conferences of high repute and impact. His research area includes cloud computing, big data, internet of things, wireless sensor network, and data analytics. He is a member of many professional organizations, including MIEEE; MCSI; MCSTA/ACM, USA; MIAENG, Hong Kong; MIRED, USA; MACEEE, New Delhi; MIACSIT, Singapore; and MAASCIT, USA.