1st Edition

Next Generation Healthcare Systems Using Soft Computing Techniques

Edited By Rekh Ram Janghel, Rohit Raja, Korhan Cengiz, Hiral Raja Copyright 2023
    224 Pages 96 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book presents soft computing techniques and applications used in healthcare systems, along with the latest advancements. Written as a guide for assessing the roles that these techniques play, the book also highlights implementation strategies, lists problem-solving solutions, and paves the way for future research endeavors in smart and next-generation healthcare systems.

    This book provides applications of soft computing techniques related to healthcare systems and can be used as a reference guide for assessing the roles that various techniques, such as machine learning, fuzzy logic, and statical mathematics, play in the advancements of smart healthcare systems. The book presents the basics as well as the advanced concepts to help beginners, as well as industry professionals, get up to speed on the latest developments in healthcare systems. The book examines descriptive, predictive, and social network techniques and discusses analytical tools and the important role they play in finding solutions to problems in healthcare systems. A framework of robust and novel healthcare techniques is highlighted, as well as implementation strategies and a setup for future research endeavors.

    Healthcare Systems Using Soft Computing Techniques is a valuable resource for researchers and postgraduate students in healthcare systems engineering, computer science, information technology, and applied mathematics. The book introduces beginners to—and at the same time brings industry professionals up to speed with—the important role soft computing techniques play in smart healthcare systems.

    Chapter 1 Computational Intelligence for Healthcare

    Abhilasha Chaudhuri and Tirath Prasad Sahu

    Chapter 2 Analysis of Recurrent Neural Network and Convolution Neural Network Techniques in Blood Cell Classification

    Tatwadarshi P. Nagarhalli

    Chapter 3 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Convolution Neural Network in Detecting Brain Tumors

    Tatwadarshi P. Nagarhalli, Sneha Mhatre, Ashwini Save, and Sanket Patil

    Chapter 4 Implementation of Machine Learning in Color Perception and Psychology: A Review

    Anusruti Mitra, Dipannita Basu, and Ahona Ghosh

    Chapter 5 Early Recognition of Dynamic Sleeping Patterns Associated with Rapid Eyeball Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder of Apnea Patients Using Neural Network Techniques

    Prateek Pratyasha and Saurabh Gupta

    Chapter 6 Smart Attendance cum Health Check-up Machine for Students/Villagers/Company Employees 

    Pranjal Patel, Shriram Sharma, Pritesh Sutrakar, Hemant Kumar, Devender Pal Singh, and Menka Yadav

    Chapter 7 Oral Histopathological Photomicrograph Classification Using Deep Learning

    Rajashekhargouda C. Patil and P. K. Mahesh

    Chapter 8 Prediction of Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease DenseNet Deep Learning Model

    Yogesh Kumar Rathore and Rekh Ram Janghel

    Chapter 9 An Insight of Deep Learning Applications in the Healthcare Industry

    Deevesh Chaudhary, Prakash Chandra Sharma, Akhilesh Kumar Sharma, and Rajesh Tiwari

    Chapter 10 Expand Patient Care with AWS Cloud for Remote Medical Monitoring

    Parul Dubey and Pushkar Dubey

    Chapter 11 Privacy and Security Solution in Wireless Sensor Network for IoT in Healthcare System

    Rajesh Tiwari, Deevesh Chaudhary, Tarun Dhar Diwan, and Prakash Chandra Sharma

    Chapter 12 An Epileptic Seizure Detection and Classification Based on Machine Learning Techniques

    Lokesh Singh, Rekh Ram Janghel, and Satya Prakash Sahu

     Chapter 13 Analysis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Various Machine Learning Techniques

     Saroj Kumar Pandey, Rekh Ram Janghel, Shubham Shukla, and Yogadhar Pandey


    Rekh Ram Janghel, Hiral Raja