Niels Bohr: Physics and the World  book cover
1st Edition

Niels Bohr: Physics and the World

ISBN 9781138977204
Published May 13, 2016 by Routledge
386 Pages

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Book Description

Containing the proceedings of the symposium held by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Niels Bohr, this collection was first published in 1988.

More than any other individual, Bohr was responsible for the development of quantum mechanics and for many of its applications in the pursuit of fundamental understanding of physical reality. In addition to his unique role in the discovery and elucidation of quantum theory, Bohr led the study of the fission of nuclei and was greatly concerned with the impact of the existence of the atomic bomb in the post-World War II era.

This unique volume provides a panoramic view of modern physics, some of the philosophical issues associated with quantum theory, the impact of this momentous scientific development on the political circumstance of the Cold War Era and the qualities of a superlative scientist.

Table of Contents

Preface 1. Overview Victor Weisskopf  2. Niels Bohr and the Development of Physics A. Pais  3. On the Origins of the Copenhagen interpretation Arthur I. Miller  4. Niels Bohr and Atomic Physics Today Daniel Kleppner  5. Condensed Matter Physics: Does Quantum Mechanics Matter? Michael E. Fisher  6. Nuclear Physics: Comments and Reflections Herman Feshbach  7. The New Ether J.D. Bjorken  8. Recent Developments in Cosmology George Field  9. Black Holes and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Gerard ‘t Hooft  10. Do Black Holes Emit Black-Body Radiation T.D. Lee  11. Quaternionic Quantum Field Theory Stephen L. Adler  12. Light and Life: Niels Bohr’s Legacy to Contemporary Biology Gunther S. Stent  13. Bertlmann’s Socks and the Nature of Reality J.S. Bell  14. Fifty Years Later: When Gedanken Experiments Become Real Experiments Alain Aspect and Philippe Grangier  15. Physical and Philosophical Issues in the Bohr-Einstein Debate Abner Shimony  16. The Soviet Reaction to Bohr’s Quantum Mechanics Loren R. Graham  17. Niels Bohr and the First Principles of Arms Control Martin J. Sherwin  18. American Attitudes on Security: Comments John Steinbruner  19. Science, Technology, and the Arms Race: European Perspectives Edoardo Amaldi

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