1st Edition

Nilpotent Orbits In Semisimple Lie Algebra An Introduction

    200 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This book collects important results concerning the classification and properties of nilpotent orbits in a Lie algebra. It develops the Dynkin-Kostant and Bala-Carter classifications of complex nilpotent orbits and derives the Lusztig-Spaltenstein theory of induction of nilpotent orbits.

    1. Preliminaries 2. Semisimple Orbits 3. The Dynkin-Kostant Classification 4. Principal, Subregular, and Minimal Nilpotent Orbits 5. Nilpotent Orbits in the Classical Algebras 6. Topology of Nilpotent Orbits 7. Induced Nilpotent Orbits 8. The Exceptional Cases and Bala-Carter Theory 9. Real Nilpotent Orbits 10. Advanced Topics


    McGovern, William.M.