1st Edition

Nine Contemporary Poets

By P.R. King Copyright 1980

    First Published in 1979. This volume includes simple and systematic introduction to the more important post-war English poets. Including reviews of the poetry of Larkin, Tomlinson, Gunn, Hughes, Plath, Heaney and more. This work will appeal to A-level students, undergraduates, members of adult education classes and general readers enjoying modern literature.

    1 Without illusion The poetry of Philip Larkin 2 Seeing and believing The poetry of Charles Tomlinson 3 ‘A courier after identity’ The poetry of Thom Gunn 4 Elemental energy The poetry of Ted Hughes 5 ‘Dying is an art’ The poetry of Sylvia Plath 6 ‘I step through origins’ The poetry of Seamus Heaney 7 Three new poets Douglas Dunn, Tom Paulin, Paul Mills


    P.R. King (Author)