1st Edition

Nineteenth Century America in the Society of States Reluctant Power

Edited By Cornelia Navari, Yannis A. Stivachtis Copyright 2024
    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines how the United States adopted and contributed to the practices of international society—the habits and practices states use to regulate their relations—during the nineteenth century. Expert contributors consider America’s "entry" into international society and how independence forced it to enter into diplomatic relations with European states and start a permanent engagement with a society of states. Individual chapters focus on U.S. perceptions of the international order and its place within it, the U.S. position on international issues of that period, and how America’s perceptions and positions affected or were affected by the habits, practices, and institutions of international society. This volume will serve as an invaluable text for undergraduate courses focusing on international relations theory and U.S. foreign policy. It will also appeal to established scholars in international relations, diplomacy, and international history and historical sociology.

    1. The United States in the Nineteenth Century International Society: An Introduction
    2. Yannis Stivachtis

    3. 19th century America’s Role in Global History
    4. Cornelia Navari

    5. The American Founding and the Society of States
    6. David C. Hendrickson

    7. America and the Other Revolutions: Neutrality and Non-engagement in Latin America and Greece
    8. Yannis Stivachtis

    9. The United States, the Monroe Doctrine and International Society
    10. Paul Sharp

    11. Slaves, Indians, and European Legal Formalism in 19th Century America
    12. Christopher R. Rossi

    13. The United States inside 'British International Society’: Imperial Rivalries and Compatibilities
    14. Daniel M. Green

    15. The United States and the Liberal Transformation of International Society: The Institution of Sovereignty
    16. Mikulas Fabry

    17. Wheaton’s Elements and the Expansion of International Society
    18. Cornelia Navari

    19. America and the rise of Arbitration as an Institution of International Society: American and British Treaties from 1783-1871
    20. Mary Durfee

    21. The United States as a Great Power: The Long Road to the Nineteenth-Century Acceptance of Rank
    22. David Clinton

    23. Constituting the Long 19th Century: the United States and the Primary Institutions of International Society

    Barry Buzan and Richard Little


    Cornelia Navari, formerly Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham, UK, is Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham, UK. She has edited International Society: The English School for the EISA Pivot Series (2021), International Organization in the Anarchical Society (2019), and Power Transition in the Anarchical Society (2022) with Tonny Brems Knudson. She edited Progressivism and American Foreign Policy between the World Wars with Molly Cochran (2017). Her latest monograph is The International Society Tradition (2021).

    Yannis A. Stivachtis is Professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech. His publications include The Enlargement of International Society (1998), World Society in English School Theory (2018, editor), Interrogating Regional International Societies, Questioning the Global International Society (2015, editor), EUrope and the World (2012, editor), Regional International Society in a Post-Enlargement Europe (2011, co-editor), International Order in a Globalizing World (2007, editor), and Understanding European Union’s Mediterranean Enlargement: The English School and the Expansion of Regional International Societies (2002, co-editor).