1st Edition

Nineteenth-Century Interiors Volume IV: Products and Processes

Edited By Clive Edwards Copyright 2024

    This volume of primary source materials documents the essential practical aspects of making a home, decorating it and then furnishing it. The crucial constitutive parts that make up an interior from floor to ceiling are considered here in detail. The role of advice books and articles that attempted to direct homemakers in particular directions are examined, as are the more practical how-to publications that demonstrated the processes of interior decoration. Accompanied by extensive editorial commentary, this collection will be of great interest to students and scholars of art history.

    Volume 4. Products and Processes

    Part 1. Flooring, Carpets and Rugs

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    Part 2. Walls and Wallpaper

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    Part 3. Ceilings

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    Part 4. Woodwork, Fixtures and Fittings

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    Part 5. Paintwork

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    Part 6. Plasterwork/Paper Mâché

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    Part 7. Colour Schemes

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    Part 8. Furniture and Furnishings

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    Part 9. Textiles and Drapery

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    Part 10. Fireplaces and Mantelpieces

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    Part 11. Lighting

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    Part 12. Plumbing, Sanitation and Water Supply

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    Part 13. Ventilation and Heating

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    Part 14. Home Management

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    Part 15. Pets and Animals (Live and stuffed)

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    Part 16. DIY and Home Crafts

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    Clive Edwards is Professor Emeritus of Design History at Loughborough University.