1st Edition

No More "How Long Does it Have to Be?" Fostering Independent Writers in Grades 3-8

By Jennifer Jacobson Copyright 2018

    In No More How Long Does it Have to Be?: Fostering Independent Writers in Grades 3-8, author Jennifer Jacobson provides the inspiration and tools to shift from a teacher-directed writing program to a student-propelled workshop model. Drawing on a wealth of Writer's Workshop experience in upper elementary and middle school classrooms, Jacobson provides strategies to help you engage and support writers as they discover their voices and take charge of their own learning. Jacobson shares tips on how to establish the spaces, routines, and tone to run a highly productive writing time:

    • Building classroom spaces conducive to practicing thoughtful, engaging writing
    • Rolling out a streamlined sequence of varied writing activities
    • Leading creative explorations of mentor texts
    • Integrating the riches of mini-lessons, conferring, sharing, and publishing
    • Building a workshop curriculum that aligns with your goals and rubrics

    As she clarifies misconceptions about writing and workshops, she serves up an immensely readable blend of activities, anecdotes, and advice that will energize and inspire your students.

    1. Planning for Independence  2. Routines to Support Independent Writers  3. Routines to Support Independent Writers  4. Launching a Narrative Unit  5. Launching an Informative Unit  6. Launching a Unit on Persuasive Writing or Argument  7. These Are Not Endings


    Jennifer Richard Jacobson is a writer and long-time literacy consultant providing instruction in Writer’s Workshop for school districts across the country. She is the author of No More “I’m Done!” Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades and many children’s books including the award-winning Small as an Elephant and Paper Things. Jennifer received her B.S. in early childhood education from Lesley College and her M.Ed. from Harvard Graduate School of Education. To learn more about her and her work, visit her website at www.jenniferjacobson.com.