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Nomos Studies in Law, Culture and Power

About the Series

Established by Nomos: Centre for International Research in Law, Culture and Power (based at the Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków), this series seeks to encourage the development of critical legal scholarship, legal history, and law and the humanities, towards a radical rethinking of law and legal practice.
The series places at its ore a sceptical view on the present status of legality while advocating for a study of the law in relation to its other, that is the practices of excess and violence that sustain the law’s operation. It endeavours to do so, first by offering a forum for critical analyses of current regimes of legality in relation to the law’s historical and cultural embeddedness. Second, it aims to provide a venue for exploring and integrating critical approaches to law, and forms of normativity that have been relegated to other disciplines, such as cultural anthropology, economy, political theory, and psychoanalysis (to name a few). Last, but not least, it will open a space for reflecting on emerging, potential future(s) of legality, while supporting jurisprudential inquiries within utopian and prefigurative thinking, with a view to overcoming both the quietism and the feigned apoliticism of established jurisprudential studies and reconnect with traditions of philosophical reflection on the law.

Proposals for monographs, edited collections and short books engaging with the outlined themes are welcome. For information get in contact with the series editors.

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Legal Form Pashukanis and the Marxist Critique of Law

Legal Form: Pashukanis and the Marxist Critique of Law

1st Edition


Edited By Gian-Giacomo Fusco, Przemyslaw Tacik, Cosmin Cercel
October 14, 2024

A century after the publication of Evgeny Pashukanis’s pivotal book General Theory of Law and Marxism, this collection presents a comprehensive account and analysis of his key concept of legal form. Evgeny Pashukanis’s General Theory, born amidst the fervour of the first socialist revolution, ...

Legal Form and the End of Law Pashukanis's Legacy

Legal Form and the End of Law: Pashukanis's Legacy

1st Edition


Edited By Cosmin Cercel, Gian-Giacomo Fusco, Przemyslaw Tacik
October 14, 2024

Following the 100th anniversary of Pashukanis’ General Theory of Law and Marxism (1924), this volume aims to breathe new life into the main category of Pashukanian legacy, the concept of legal form.   This book offers new, deeper and more general, ways in which the concept of legal form can be used...

Law, Culture and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe A Comparative Engagement

Law, Culture and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Engagement

1st Edition

Edited By Cosmin Cercel, Alexandra Mercescu, Mirosław Michał Sadowski
December 01, 2023

Combining insights from comparative legal theory, jurisprudence and legal history, this collection examines the legal and constitutional identity of Central and Eastern Europe. Although the various countries of Central and Eastern Europe have often compared themselves to the West, the failure of ...

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