1st Edition

Non-Destructive Diagnostics of Concrete Floors Methods and Case Studies

By Łukasz Sadowski, Jerzy Hoła Copyright 2023
    158 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Concrete floors should be diagnosed in order to obtain the proper durability. Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, which have numerous advantages and are very effective for in situ testing, are recommended for this purpose. Non-Destructive Diagnostics of Concrete Floors: Methods and Case Studies offers useful NDT methods, test methodologies, and case studies. This book contains classifications of NDT methods, examines their areas of usefulness in floor diagnostics, and explains the complementarity and reliability of NDT methods as well as the need to calibrate research equipment. It presents interesting case studies of concrete floors, such as dowelled floors, floors with a top layer made of stone slabs, industrial floors, industrial floors with a top layer of polyurethane-cement, layered floors, post-tensioned floors, and cement screeds. The authors have drawn on many years of experience in both academia and the practical diagnosis of concrete floors using NDT methods.

    1. Introduction
    2. The problem of the degradation of concrete floors
    3. Introduction to the diagnostics of floors
    4. The classification of non-destructive and semi-destructive methods and their usefulness in floor diagnostics
    5. Guide for using different non-destructive and semi-destructive methods in floor diagnostics
    6. The reliability of using non-destructive methods in floor diagnostics
    7. The calibration and scaling of test equipment
    8. The diagnosis of dowelled concrete floors
    9. Diagnostics of concrete floors with a top layer of stone slabs
    10. Diagnostics of concrete industrial floors
    11. Diagnostics of concrete industrial floors with a polyurethane-cement top layer
    12. The diagnostics of cement screeds
    13. The diagnostics of layered concrete floors and the assessment of the bonding of layers
    14. The diagnostics of post-tensioned concrete floors
    15. Conclusion


    Łukasz Sadowski is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Wroclaw University of Science Technology, Poland.

    Professor Jerzy Hoła is an employee and former dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland.