1st Edition

Non-Equilibrium Air Plasmas at Atmospheric Pressure

    700 Pages
    by CRC Press

    696 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Atmospheric-pressure plasmas continue to attract considerable research interest due to their diverse applications, including high power lasers, opening switches, novel plasma processing applications and sputtering, EM absorbers and reflectors, remediation of gaseous pollutants, excimer lamps, and other noncoherent light sources.  Atmospheric-pressure plasmas in air are of particular importance as they can be generated and maintained without vacuum enclosure and without any additional feed gases. 

    Non-Equilibrium Air Plasmas at Atmospheric Pressure reviews recent advances and applications in the generation and maintenance of atmospheric-pressure plasmas. With contributions from leading international researchers, the coverage includes advances in atmospheric-pressure plasma source development, diagnostics and characterization, air plasma chemistry, modeling and computational techniques, and an assessment of the status and prospects of atmospheric-pressure air plasma applications. The extensive application sections make this book attractive for practitioners in many fields where technologies based on atmospheric-pressure air plasmas are emerging.

    History of Non-Equilibrium Air Discharges.Kinetic Description of Plasmas.Air Plasma Chemistry.Modeling.DC and Low Frequency Air Plasma Sources.High Frequency Air Plasmas.Plasma Diagnostics.Current Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasmas.


    K.H. Becker, U. Kogelschatz, K.H. Schoenbach, R.J. Barker