1st Edition

Non-Timber Forest Products Medicinal Herbs, Fungi, Edible Fruits and Nuts, and Other Natural Products from the Forest

By Marla R Emery, Rebecca J Mclain Copyright 2002
    188 Pages
    by CRC Press

    188 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Balance the culture of wildcrafting with the demands of sustainable forest management!

    This comprehensive book addresses the issues that arise when the primeval practice of gathering wild plants, fungi, leaves, and bark occurs in a post-industrial world. Non-Timber Forest Products: Medicinal Herbs, Fungi, Edible Fruits and Nuts, and Other Natural Products from the Forest provides a unique analysis of the laws, sociocultural factors, competing political and economic interests, and environmental issues related to wildcrafting.

    The implications of harvesting non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are usually considered in the context of the Third World, but this unique book offers an analysis of current conditions in North America. Non-Timber Forest Products focuses on the forests of the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest. These areas offer a diverse array of commercially valuable forest products and fiercely contentious debates about environmental, sociocultural, and legal issues.

    Non-Timber Forest Products documents the core issues of this complex topic, including:

    • the special rights of indigenous peoples
    • consequences of increased demand for harvested products
    • stewardship of public and private forests
    • economic and public policy concerns
    • review of historical and contemporary wildcrafting
    • current research on economically useful forest products
    • sustainable development strategies
    • sociopolitical and environmental considerations for NTFP management

      Non-Timber Forest Products offers a clear picture of the historical, social, ecological, and policy aspects of NTFP use. It is an essential resource for private and public forest managers, environmental activists, economists, policymakers, and wildcrafters.

    • Introduction
    • Section I: Non-Timber Forest Products, Past and Present
    • International Non-Timber Forest Product Issues
    • Brief Overview of Historical Non-Timber Forest Product Use in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest
    • Aboriginal Use of Non-Timber Forest Products in Northwestern North America: Applications and Issues
    • An Overview of Non-Timber Forest Products in the United States Today
    • Non-Timber Forest Products in Local Economies: The Case of Mason County, Washington
    • Section II: Research of Non-Timber Forest Products in the Pacific Northwest
    • Research in Non-Timber Forest Products: Contributions of the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
    • Productivity and Sustainable Harvest of Edible Forest Mushrooms: Current Biological Research and New Directions in Federal Monitoring
    • Socio-Economic Research on Non-Timber Forest Products in the Pacific Northwest
    • Section III: Socio-Political Considerations for Non-Timber Forest Product Management
    • Why is Non-Timber Forest Product Harvesting an “Issue”? Excluding Local Knowledge and the Paradigm Crisis of Temperate Forestry
    • Who Knows? Local Non-Timber Forest Product Knowledge and Stewardship Practices in Northern Michigan
    • Recent Trends: Non-Timber Forest Product Pickers in the Pacific Northwest
    • Expanding Non-Timber Forest Product Harvester/Buyer Participation in Participation in Pacific Northwest Forest Policy
    • Synthesis and Future Directions for Non-Timber Forest Product Research in the United States
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Marla R Emery, Rebecca J Mclain