1st Edition

Nonallergic Rhinitis

Edited By James N. Baraniuk, Dennis J. Shusterman Copyright 2007
    ISBN 9780367389925
    504 Pages
    Published September 5, 2019 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9780849339912
    504 Pages
    Published November 15, 2006 by CRC Press

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    Compiled by an internationally recognized team of contributors, this reference spans methods to effectively identify, diagnose, and treat this frequently challenging group of rhinopathies. Addressing both generic and disease-specific issues, this source spans possible causes of nonallergic rhinitis such as fumes, odors, temperature, atmospheric changes, smoke, and other nasal irritants, while highlighting critical scientific and clinical issues.

    INTRODUCTION. Nasal and Paranasal Sinus Anatomy and Physiology. Epidemiology of Rhinitis: Allergic and Nonallergic. Differential Diagnosis of Persistent Nonallergic Rhinitis and Rhinosinusitis Syndromes. Questaionaire Dianosis of Non-Allergic Rhinitis. EOSIINOPHILIC INFLAMMATORY RHINITIS. Differential Diagnosis of Eosinophilic Chronic Rhinosinusitis. Non-Allergic Rhinitiswith Eosinophilia Syndrome and Related Disorders. Relationship Between Nonallergic Upper Airway Disease and Asthma. Differentiating Osteomeatal Complex Disease and Chronic Rhinosinusitis from Nonallergic Rhinitis. Aspirin-Sensitive Rhinosinusitis and Asthma. NON-ESINOPHILIC INFLAMMATORY RHINITIS. Viral and Bacterial Rhinitis. Non-Allergic Rhinitis in Children. Rhinitis in the Elderly. Rhinitis of Granulomatous and Vasulitic Diseases. Non-Allergic Occupational Rhinitis. Environmental Nonallergic Rhinitis. Non-Inflammatory Rhinopathy. Cold Air-Induced Rhinitis. Pharmacological Provocation in Non-Allergic Rhinitis. Drug-Induced Rhinopathy and Rhinitis Medicamentosa. Rhinitis in the Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, and Some Endocrine Disorders. Midfacial Segment Pain: Implications for Rhinitis and Rhinosinusitis. CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS. Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Non Allergic Rhinitis. The Treatment of Vasomotor Nonallergic Rhinitis. Outpatient Therapy for Non-Allergic Rhinitis. Surgical Management of Inferior Turbinate Hypertrophy in Non-Allergic Rhinitis. ASSOCIATED CLINICAL ISSUES. Quality of Life in Non-Allergic Rhinitis. Impact of Nonallergic Rhinitis on Chemosensory Function. Rhinitis as a Part of Sensory Hyperreactivity Characterized by Increased Capsaicin Cough Sensitivity. Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Gastroesphageal Reflux Diseaseand Non Allergic Rhinitis. The Nonallergic Rhinitis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Rhinitis and Sleep Apnea


    James N. Baraniuk, Dennis Shusterman

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