1st Edition

Nondestructive Evaluation A Tool in Design, Manufacturing and Service

By Don E. Bray, Roderick K. Stanley Copyright 1997

    Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) inspection schemes are important in design, manufacturing, and maintenance. By correctly applying techniques of NDE, we can reduce machine and system failures and increase reliability of operating systems over an extended lifetime. Nondestructive Evaluation: A Tool in Design, Manufacturing, and Service introduces and discusses primary techniques used in the field, including ultrasonics, acoustic emission, magnetics, radiography, penetrants, and eddy currents. Examples of each of these techniques are included, demonstrating typical applications.

    Probability, Design, and Management in Nondestructive Evaluation
    NDE in Design, Maintenance, and Service
    Probability Applications in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Nondestructive Evaluation in Design
    Inspection Optimization Using Probabilistic Criteria
    Ultrasonic Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Elastic Wave Propagation
    Wave Propagation in Guided Wave Modes
    Ultrasonic Circuitry and Transducers
    Inspection Principles and Techniques
    Ultrasonic Techniques for Stress Measurement and Material Studies
    Acoustic Emission Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Acoustic Emission Principles
    Data Collection and Analysis Techniques
    Applications of Acoustic Emission in NDE
    Magnetic Flux Leakage Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Basic Magnetism for NDE
    Magnetism in Materials
    Macroscopic Field Relations
    The Magnetic Circuit
    Magnetism in the Circumferential Direction
    Field Levels in Magnetic NDE
    Magnetic Flux Leakage from Tight Flaws
    Magnetic Flux Leakage from Subsurface Flaws
    Magnetic Flux Leakage Sensors
    Eddy Current Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Fundamental Eddy Current Concepts
    Eddy Current Detector Parameters
    Remote Field Eddy Current Techniques
    Impedance Plane Diagrams
    Eddy Current Instrumentation
    Radiographic Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Principles of Radiation
    Radiographic Imaging
    Radiographic Inspection Systems
    Radiographic Inspections
    Other Applications of Radiography in NDE
    Safety Considerations in Radiographic Inspections
    Penetrant Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
    Principles of Penetrants
    Techniques for Penetrant Inspection
    Penetrant Inspection Applications
    Summary, Safety, and Environmental Considerations
    Modeling and Analysis of Experimental Data
    Attenuation Coefficients for Selected Elements
    NDE Codes, Specifications, and Standards
    Introductions, Problems, References, and Summaries are included in most chapters.


    Don E. Bray, Roderick K. Stanley