1st Edition

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Heterogeneous Fluid Systems

By Andrei G. Bashkirov Copyright 1995

    There is a wide variety of heterogeneous fluid systems that possess interphase surfaces. This monograph is devoted to pioneering studies in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of such systems. Starting from the Liouville equation, the equations of surface hydrodynamics are derived with allowance for discontinuities of thermodynamic parameters of interphase boundaries. Brownian motion of a large solid particle in a fluid and nucleation are treated as results of fluctuations of flows across particle surfaces. With the use of the Gibbs method, a shock wave in a gas is considered as a sort of an interphase surface, and the surface tension of a shock front is introduced for the first time.

    Zubarev Method of Nonequilibrium Statistical Operator
    Contracted Description of a Statistical System
    Quasiequilibrium Distribution Function
    Nonequilibrium Distribution Function
    Transport Phenomena at Interfaces and the Problem of Boundary Conditions in Hydrodynamics
    Geometric Description of the Surface
    Local Equilibrium Distribution
    Gibbs Adsorption Equation
    Conservation Laws
    Equations of Ideal Hydrodynamics
    Nonequilibrium Distribution Function
    Transport Equations for Surface Films
    Motion Equations for Excess Quantities
    The Problem of Boundary Conditions in Hydrodynamics
    Theory of Capillary Waves Damping
    Shock Waves in Gases as Interface Surfaces
    The Jump Conditions on Curved Discontinuities
    Estimation of the Surface Tension Coefficient
    Equations for Small Disturbances
    Shock Wave Stability Analysis
    Nucleation Theory: Fluctuations of Diffusion Flow across the Interface Boundary
    Total Nonequilibrium Distribution Function
    Nucleation Kinetic Equation
    Nucleation Coefficient
    Entropy Production
    Second Quantization Approach
    Nonisothermal Nucleation Theory
    The Model Example
    Brownian Motion: Momentum Flow Fluctuations on Interphase Boundary
    Microscopic Description of the System of Brownian Particle and Fluid
    Derivation of the Kinetic Equation
    Boundary Conditions on the Surface of the Large Particle
    Calculation of the Average Force and the Drag Coefficient
    Brownian Diffusion of Large Particle in Inhomogeneous Fluid
    On a Limitation of the Theory
    Derivation of the Fokker-Planck Equation for the Point Brownian Particle
    Kirkwood Friction Coefficient
    Diffusion of the Point Particle
    Brownian Motion of N Spheres in Inhomogeneous Fluids
    The N-Particle Fokker-Planck Equation
    The Smoluchowski Equation
    Brownian Diffusion of Suspended Particles
    Convective Diffusion of Particles in Fixed Dispersed Layers
    Stochastization of the Diffusion Equation
    Renormalized Diffusion Coefficient
    Vector and Tensor Divergencies in Curvilinear Coordinates
    Mechanical Definition of Surface Tension
    Exclusion of Time-Derivatives of Parameters


    Andrei G. Bashkirov