1st Edition

Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications Discrete Volterra Series and Nonlinear Echo Cancellation

By Andrzej Borys Copyright 2000

    The discrete Volterra series holds particular value in the analysis of nonlinear systems in telecommunications. However, most books on the Volterra series either do not address this application or only offer a partial discussion. Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications provides an in-depth treatment of the Volterra series and the benefits it offers as a representation of nonlinear problems, particularly in echo cancellation in digital telecommunications systems.

    Beginning with the fundamentals of the discrete Volterra series, the author presents its basic definition, notions, conditions for convergence and stability, and its matrix representation for multiple-input and multiple-output nonlinear digital systems. He pays significant attention to the important problem of approximating a nonlinear digital system using the discrete Volterra series and offers new results in this area--results not yet available in other texts.

    The second part of the book uses the background of Part I to show the Volterra series' application to echo cancellation. It provides introductory material regarding the basics of adaptive cancellers, and analyzes structures for nonlinear echo cancellers using nonlinear transversal filters for baseband transmission. The last section covers nonlinear echo cancellers for voiceband transmission and interleaved structures.

    Full of illustrations, examples, and new results, Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications is your first and best resource for understanding and applying the discrete Volterra series to nonlinear echo cancellation problems.


    Basics of Discrete Volterra Series
    Basic Definitions
    Nonlinear Sampled-Data Systems
    Multidimensional Z Transform
    Discrete Volterra Series in the Z Domain
    Conditions for Convergence and Stability
    Matrix Representation for Multiple-Input and Multiple Output Systems
    Nonlinear Systems with Fading Memory
    Further Considerations on Fading Memory
    Approximation of the System Response by Volterra Series
    Discrete Volterra Series for Binary Signals
    Associated Expansions
    Other Approximations
    Nonlinear Echo Cancellation
    Adaptive Cancellers
    Nonlinear Echo Cancellation in Data Transmission
    Interleaved and Passband Nonlinear Transversal Filters


    Andrzej Borys