1st Edition

Nonlinear Dynamics and Spatial Complexity in Optical Systems

By R. G. Harrison Copyright 1993

    A collection of prestigious postgraduate lectures, Nonlinear Dynamics and Spatial Complexity in Optical Systems reviews developments in the theory and practice of nonlinear dynamics and structural complexity, and explores modern-day applications in nonlinear optics. The book addresses systems including both singlemode and multimode lasers, bistable and multistable devices, optical fibers, counter-propagating beam interactions, nonlinear mixing, and related optical phenomena.

    1. Order Parameter of Oscillators 2. Pattern Formation and Pattern Recognition 3. Global Bifurcations in Finite Dimensional Flows 4. Pattern Formation and Space-Time Organization in Nonlinear Optics 5. Instabilities and Quantum Noise Reduction in Nonlinear Optical Mixing 6. Complexity and Defects in Passive Nonlinear Optical Systems 7. Deterministic Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Nonlinear Optics 8. Spatio-Temporal Structures in Wide Aperture Lasers 9. Nonlinear Dynamics of Semiconductor Laser Arrays 10. Transverse Structure Formation and Vortices in Lasers 11. Amplification and Lasing without Inversion 12 . Participant's addresses


    Harrison, R. G.