1st Edition

Nonlinear Dynamics of Reservoir Mixtures

By Vladimir Mitlin Copyright 1993

    Nonlinear Dynamics of Reservoir Mixtures provides an overview of modeling techniques for solving nonlinear problems in hydrodynamics, with an emphasis on compositional flows in porous reservoirs. The volume focuses on nonlinear wave techniques for simulating and predicting fluid dynamic processes in petroleum reservoirs and discusses general applications of these models for other fluids.

    Topics covered include inhomogeneous space structures in reservoir processes, gradient models for analyzing changes in thermodynamic and hydrodynamic fluid properties, phase transition dynamics in fluids and rock minerals, and wetting phenomena. The book also discusses the stages involved in developing compositional simulators for enhanced oil recovery and describes applications used in hydrocarbon fields in the former USSR.

    Nonlinear Dynamics of Reservoir Mixtures provides excellent reference material for mathematicians, petroleum engineers, exploration geophysicists, and mechanical engineers. It is also a useful compositional modeling text for graduate students in the earth sciences and in petroleum and chemical engineering.

    Introduction. Statement of the Problem of Two-Phase Multicomponent Reservoir Flow. Study of Statement of the Multidimensional Boundary Problems of Multicomponent Reservoir Flow by Method of Characteristics. Numerical Method of Solving Multicomponent Reservoir Flow Problems. Numerical Study of Miscible Displacement of Multicomponent Systems. Numerical Modeling Enriched Gas Action Upon a Reservoir. Autowave Regimes of Two-Phase Multicomponent Reservoir Flow: Theory, Computation, Experiments. Kinetically Stable Structures in the Flow Models with Phase Transitons. Applications of Asymptotical Methods in Gradient Theory. Conclusion Actual Problems of the Theory of Multicomponent Reservoir Flow.


    Vladimir Mitlin (Mitlin & Associates, San Diego, California, USA)