1st Edition

Nonlinear Problems in Aviation and Aerospace

Edited By S. Sivasundaram Copyright 2000

    The study of nonlinear phenomena in aviation and aerospace includes developments in computer technology and the use of nonlinear mathematical models. Nonlinearities are a feature of aircraft dynamics and flight control systems and need to respond to achieve stability and performance. This multiauthor volume comprises selected papers from the conference Nonlinear Problems in Aviation and Aerospace at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and additional invited papers from many distinguished scientists. Coverage includes orbit determination of a tethered satellite system using laser and radar tracking, and intelligent control of agile aircraft, flight control with and without control surfaces.

    Aircraft as Adaptive Nonlinear System which Must be in the Adaptational Maximum Zone for Safety. Orbit Determination of a Tethered Satellite System Using Laser and Radar Tracking. Application of Automatic Theorem Proving (ATP) Approach to the Telescope Guidance. Attitude Stability of an Asymmetric Dual-Spin Spacecraft with Stochastic Rotor Speed Fluctuations. Full Envelope Missile Longitudinal Autopilot Design Using the State-Dependent Riccati Equation Method. Intelligent Control of Agile Aircraft. Feedback Noise Control in an Acoustic Chamber: Mathematical Theory. Estimation of Asymptotic Stability Regions of Nonlinear Systems by Use of Eigen-Vectors. Flight Control with and without Control Surfaces: A Nonlinear Look. Optimal Ascent Trajectories for a Single-Stage Suborbital Spacecraft. Nonlinear Dynamics of Two-Body Tethered Satellite Systems. Two- and Three-Dimensional Numerical Methods for Free Surface Hydrodynamics. Control of Structures with Sefl-Straining Actuators: Coupled Euler/Timoshenko Model: I. Building a Parallel Version of a "Real Gas" Flow Solver. A Probabilistic Method to Estimate a Missile Target. Reentry Control for Low L/D Vehicles. Exact Euler Aerodynamics via a Novel Method. Singular Perturbations and Time Scales in Aerospace Systems: An Overview. Planning for R&D Manpower in Aviation and Aerospace. Effects of Nonlinearities in Aerodynamic Coefficients on Aircraft Longitudinal Motion. Vector Lyapunov Function Synthesis of Aircraft Control. Control Systems with Parametrical and Structural Reconfiguration. Unified Control Systems. Ergodic Control of Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equation. Nonlinear Methods and Software for Dynamic Investigations of Fail-Safe Gyromoment Attitude Control Systems of Spacecrafts.


    S. Sivasundaram