Nonlinear and Convex Analysis : Proceedings in Honor of Ky Fan book cover
1st Edition

Nonlinear and Convex Analysis
Proceedings in Honor of Ky Fan



ISBN 9781138441897
Published July 27, 2017 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains expanded versions of the talks given at the conference held in honour of professor Ky Fan in California in 1985, as well as papers on nonlinear and convex analysis as contributions to Ky Fan. It also includes a list of publications by Ky Fan.

Table of Contents

1. Smooth and Heavy Viable Solutions to Control Problems 2. On Simplified Proofs of Theorems of von Neumann, Heinz, and Ky Fan, and their Extended Versions 3. Vandermonde Determinant and Lagrange Interpolation in Rs 4. Applications of Nonstandard Theory of Locally Convex Spaces 5. Local Invertibility of Set-Valued Maps 6. Some Minimax Theorems without Convexity 7. Weak Compactness and the Minimax Equality 8. Nonlinear Volterra Equations with Positive Kernels 9. Some Results on Multivalued Mappings and Inequalities Without Convexity 10. Strong Equilibria 11. A Variational Principle Application to the Nonlinear Complementarity Problem 12. On a Best Approximation Theorem 13. A Vector—Minimization Problem in a Stochastic Continuous— Time n-Person Came 14. Calculation of the λ-Function for Several Classes of Normed Linear Spaces 15. Existence of Positive Iiigenvectors and Fixed Points for A-Proper Type Maps in Cones 16. On the Method of Successive Approximations for Nonexpansive Mappings 17. Quasilinear Ellipticitv on the N—Torus 18. A Local Minimax Theorem without Compactness 19. Covering Theorems of Convex Sets Related to Fixed-Point Theorems 20. Shapley Select ions and Covering Theorems of Simplexes 21. Generalizations of Convex Supremization Duality 22. On the Asymptotic Behavior of Almost-Orbits of Commutative Semigroups in Banach Spaces 23. On a Factorization of Operators Through a Subspace of c0 24. Trace Formula for Almost Lie Algebra of Operators and Cyclic One-Cocycles

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