1st Edition

Nonparametric Statistical Methods For Complete and Censored Data

By M.M. Desu, D. Raghavarao Copyright 2004
    382 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    382 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    Balancing the "cookbook" approach of some texts with the more mathematical approach of others, Nonparametric Statistical Methods for Complete and Censored Data introduces commonly used non-parametric methods for complete data and extends those methods to right censored data analysis. Whenever possible, the authors derive their methodology from the general theory of statistical inference and introduce the concepts intuitively for students with minimal backgrounds. Derivations and mathematical details are relegated to appendices at the end of each chapter, which allows students to easily proceed through each chapter without becoming bogged down in a lot of mathematics.

    In addition to the nonparametric methods for analyzing complete and censored data, the book covers optimal linear rank statistics, clinical equivalence, analysis of block designs, and precedence tests. To make the material more accessible and practical, the authors use SAS programs to illustrate the various methods included.

    Exercises in each chapter, SAS code, and a clear, accessible presentation make this an outstanding text for a one-semester senior or graduate-level course in nonparametric statistics for students in a variety of disciplines, from statistics and biostatistics to business, psychology, and the social scientists.

    Prerequisites: Students will need a solid background in calculus and a two-semester course in mathematical statistics.

    Procedures for a Single Sample. Procedures for Two Independent Samples. Procedures for Related Samples. Procedures for Several Samples. Independence, Correlation, and Regression.


    Desu, M.M.; Raghavarao, D.