1st Edition

Nonstate Actors In International Politics From Transregional To Substate Organizations

By Phillip Taylor Copyright 1984
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book provides students with a comprehensive analytical survey of the organizations that help shape today's events. It examines what nonstate actor does, how it organizes to achieve its ends, and how it makes multilateral/international decisions.

    Part 1: Introduction 1. Nonstate Actors and the State-Centric Model 2. A Framework for Analysis 3. Theories of International Integration Part 2: Economic International Governmental Organizations 4. The European Community 5. The Andean Group and the Association of South East Asian Nations 6. Other Common Markets, Free Trade Associations, and Development Organizations 7. OPEC and Other Commodity "Cartels" Part 3: Security Alliances 8. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization 9. The Warsaw Pact and Other Alliances Part 4: Political International Governmental Organizations 10. The Organization of American States 11. The Organization of African Unity 12. Other Political IGOs Part 5: Cultural/Ideological International Governmental Organizations 13. The Arab League 14. The Nordic Council and the Islamic Conference Part 6: Integration Among Nongovernmental Actors 15. Multinational Corporations and International Labor Unions 16. Transnational Ethnic Groups