1st Edition

North Korea in the World Economy

Edited By Eun Kwan Choi, E. Han Kim, Yesook Merrill Copyright 2003

    Mention North Korea to people today and they will conjure up many unflattering images, particularly in the wake of George W. Bush denouncing the state as part of an "axis of evil". Despite this cold war type rhetoric, the state of North Korea has begun to recognise the difficult challenges that it faces and is now trying to get to grips with them systematically.
    This book brings together a selection of many of the world experts on the North Korean economy and covers such important issues as:
    *possible unification with South Korea
    *the significance of China's economic success
    *Europe and the United States' roles in North Korea
    North Korea in the World Economy provides an accessible, well-written and comprehensive account of this unique country and its economy. It will be extremely interesting not only for students and academics with an interest in Korean studies, international finance and transition economies but also for anyone with an interest in international economics.

    Part I: Recent Developments on the Korean Peninsula
    Part II: Topics on the North Korean Economy
    Part III: Prospects for Economic Development in North Korea
    Part IV: Topics on Korean Unification and Economic Integration
    Part IV: Economic Co-operation with the DPRK: Challenges and Opportunities
    Part V: Where Do We Go From Here?


    Eun Kwan Choi, E. Han Kim, Yesook Merrill