Forested wetlands are a major component of northern landscapes, important both for their ecological functions and their socioeconomic values. Historically, these lands have been used for timber and fiber products, hunting, fishing, trapping, food gathering, and recreation. There are many questions about the use and management of these lands in the future, particularly with respect to forest products, hydrology and water quality, plant and wildlife ecology, landscape dynamics, and wetland restoration. Northern Forested Wetlands: Ecology and Management provides a synthesis of current research and literature. It examines the status, distribution, and use of these wetland resources. The book focuses on understanding the role of wetlands in the landscape and on how to manage these wetlands and sustain their important functions. This is a primary reference text for the study and management of northern forested wetlands, providing a forum for information discovered by researchers and managers from many nations.

    Wetland Resources
    Forested Northern Wetlands of North America, T.E. Dahl and S.C. Zoltai
    Status and Trends of Forested Wetlands in the Northern United States, W.E. Frayer
    Forested Mires as a Renewable Resource-Toward a Sustainable Forestry Practice, J. Päivänen
    Policy for Conservation of the Functions and Values of Forested Wetlands, C.D.A. Rubec
    A Comparison of Wetland Mapping Using SPOT Satellite Imagery and National Wetland Inventory Data for a Watershed in Northern Michigan, T.A. Forgette and J.A. Shuey
    Ecology and Vegetation
    Stand Structure, Dynamics, and Diversity of Virgin Forests on Northern Peatlands, Y. Norokorpi, E. Lähde, O. Laiho, and T. Saksa
    Relationships between Groundwater Characteristics, Vegetation, and Peatland Type in the Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, G.M. Kudray and M.R. Gale
    Late Holocene Paleoecological Reconstruction of a Coastal Peat Bog along the St. Lawrence Maritime Estuary, M. Garneau
    Changes in Species Diversity in Peatlands Drained for Forestry, H. Vasander, R. Laiho, and J. Laine
    Undergrowth as a Regeneration Potential on Finnish Peatlands, O. Laiho, E. Lahde, Y. Norokorpi, and T. Saksa
    Plant Reintroduction on a Harvested Peat Bog, F. Quinty and L. Rochefort
    A Ground-Penetrating Radar Study of Peat Landforms in the Discontinuous Permafrost Zone Near Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada, I.M. Kettles and S.D. Robinson
    Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
    Hydrological Processes of Natural, Northern Forested Wetlands, E.S. Verry
    Hydrology of Drained Forested Wetlands, S.E. Vompersky and A.A. Sirin
    Hydrological-Chemical Interactions in Headwater Forest Wetlands, A.R. Hill and K.J. Devito
    Application of Modeling Methods to Study Water Budgets in Forested Peatlands, J. Ruseckas
    Water Table Fluctuations Following Clearcutting and Thinning on Wally Creek Wetlands, V. Roy, J.K. Jeglum, and A.P. Plamondon
    Effects of Engineered Drainage on Water Tables and Peat Subsidence in an Alberta Treed Fen, G.R. Hillman
    Wetland Effects on Hydrological and Water Quality Characteristics of a Mid-Michigan River System, T.M. Tompkins, W.W. Whipps, L.J. Manor, C.W. Radcliffe, D.M. Majewski, and M.J. Wiley
    Relationships between Groundwater Level and Temperature in Peat, H. Hökkä, T. Pentillä, and M. Siipola
    Factors Affecting Sediment Accumulation in Sedimentation Ponds, S. Joensuu
    The Dynamics of Peat Accumulation by Mires of Northern Eurasia During the Last 3000 Years, V.A. Klimanov and A.A. Sirin
    The Effect of Peatland Forestry on Fluxes of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide, H. Nykänen, J. Silvola, J. Alm, and P.J. Martikainen
    Nutrient Removals Associated with Harvesting Peatland Black Spruce Forest, Y. Teng, N.W. Foster, P. Hazlett, and I.K. Morrison
    The Effects and Fate of Inorganic Nitrogen Inputs to Oligotrophic Peat Soils, B.L. Williams and D.J. Silcock
    Wetland Management
    Forest Management Impacts on Undrained Peatlands in North America, D.F. Grigal and K.N. Brooks
    Peatland Forestry in Finland: Problems and Possibilities from the Nutritional Point of View, S. Kaunisto
    Forestry Best Management Practices for Wetlands in Minnesota, M.J. Phillips
    Effects of Forest Management on Wetland Functions in a Sub-Boreal Swamp, C.C. Trettin, M.F. Jurgensen, J.W. McLaughlin, and M.R. Gale
    Mound Characteristics Affect Growth and Survival of Norway Spruce Seedlings, L. Åkerstrom and B. Hånell
    Greenhouse Impact of a Mire after Drainage for Forestry, J. Laine, K. Minkkinen, J. Sinisalo, I. Savolainen, and P.J. Martikainen
    Response of Stand Growth and Water Table Level to Maintenance of Ditch Networks within Forest Drainage Areas, E. Ahti and J. Päivänen
    Comparative Growth of Peatland, Upland, and a Superior Black Spruce Stand in Ontario, B. Payandeh, V.F. Haavisto, and P. Papadopol


    Carl C. Trettin

    "This volume should be very useful to managers, scientists, and students interested in almost all aspects of northern forested wetlands. In fact, it is a necessary addition to the library of anyone interested in general wetland ecology and management."-Michael G. Messin, Department of Forest Science, Texas A & M University

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