1st Edition

Nothing Ordinary Here Statius as Creator of Distinction in the Silvae

By Noelle K. Zeiner Copyright 2005

    Through a combined methodology of philology, social theory and archaeology this book offers a reinterpretation of Statius's Silvae.

    Introduction: Review of Scholarship; P. Bourdieu's Theory of Distinction 1. Statius as a Legitimate Spokesperson 2. Manifestations of Material Wealth 3. Statius' Language of Wealth 4. Distinction Silvae 1.2: Stella and Violentilla: the distinction of poetry Silvae 1.5: Claudius Etruscus' Balneum : the distintion of taste Silvae 2.1: Melior and Glaucias: the distintion of paternal pietas Silvae 4.8: Julius Menecrates and Pollius Felix: the distinction of fatherhood and grandfatherhood Silvae 2.2: Pollius Felix: the distinction of Epicurean Quies Silvae 4.6: Novius Vindex: the distinction of connoisseurship Silvae 5.2: Crispinus: the distinction of youth and pedigree Silvae 5.1: Priscilla: the distinction of a women for the distinction of a man Conclusion: Statius' vox aurea


    Noelle K. Zeiner

    'there are many sound and interesting observations... a very useful reference.' - Journal of Roman Studies