1st Edition

Nothing You Can't Do! The Secret Power of Growth Mindsets

By Mary Cay Ricci Copyright 2018
    144 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Have you ever thought about your dreams and if you could achieve them? Guess what? You can! It just takes changing the way you think to change your life. Unlock the secrets to success in school, sports, music, art—just about anything in life—with the information in Nothing You Can't Do!: The Secret Power of Growth Mindsets. By discovering the secrets included in this illustrated, funny, and interactive book, you'll learn how to develop a growth mindset, where you look at life through a more optimistic lens, learn how to handle mistakes in a positive way, and find all of the possibilities in yourself, even those you didn't know were there! With the power of a growth mindset, there's nothing you can't do!

    Ages 9-12

    Before You Start Reading . . . Chapter 1 What Are Mindsets, and Why Are They Important? Chapter 2 How Can I “Get” a Growth Mindset? Chapter 3 The Power of Words Chapter 4 Why Do I Need to Learn About My Brain in Order to Have a Growth Mindset? Chapter 5 Why Can’t I Quit When Things Get Hard? Chapter 6 Wait, What? I Can Learn From Failure? Chapter 7 Why Should I Set Goals for Myself? Chapter 8 Now That You Are a Growth Mindset Expert . . . Extras About the Author


    Mary Cay Ricci is an education consultant and speaker. She was previously the Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Education for Baltimore County Public Schools. She holds certification in gifted and talented education and administration and supervision from Johns Hopkins University, where she is currently a faculty associate in the Graduate School of Education.

    From the moment I opened the front cover, the counselor in me kept thinking that my students are going to connect with and love this book; the mom in me wished I'd have had it when my own now-adult children were in their middle years . . . I enthusiastically recommend that you check out this treasure trove.,Barbara Gruener,The Corner on Character, 2/4/18
    Nothing You Can't Do! from Mary Cay Ricci is aimed at middle-schoolers and would be useful in regular education classrooms as well as a motivational curriculum for guidance counselors. As such, teachers should be prepared to provide paper or a notebook for students if they intend to reuse their copies.,Lisa Conrad,Gifted Parenting Support, 9/16/18
    I grew as a person in a few ways by reading this book. By doing the activities, I have realized the areas that I have a fixed mindset in, and how to change to a growth mindset. I would recommend this book to any reader 6 and above. This book should be read by elementary schoolers and full-grown adults alike. Everyone can harness the power of a growth mindset, and this book presents the information in an easily comprehensible way.,Anya Ambarish,Metropolitam Washington Mensa, 10/18/18