1st Edition

Novel Phytopharmaceutical for Management of Disorders

    384 Pages 54 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Novel phytopharmaceutical for the management of disorders will cover the recent advances surrounding phytopharmaceuticals and their potential uses in the management of several disorders as well as in cosmetic benefits. Sections cover the concepts of phytopharmaceuticals and current highlights in disease management. This book will also emphasize phytopharmaceutical drug delivery studies in vivo-invitro study to various target organs like lungs, liver, brain, etc. This book provides key information for everyone interested in disease management, drug discovery, and delivery, including medicinal chemists, cosmetic experts, nutritionists, toxicologists, drug formulators, and health care professionals. Students, professors, and researchers working in pharmaceutical sciences and beyond will also find the book useful considering the future prospect of phyto drug delivery for better treatment of various diseases.

    We will also focus on patent filed, technology transfer, market potential, and regulatory aspects of herbal nanomedicines, if any. However, research in this area is still at the exploratory stage. But, in the market, there are no such books available that have summarized all the contents on the point of research aspects. This book will be the continuation part of the First volume and readers and target audience will get all the knowledge related to this topic.

    Aims and scope: 

             To understand the basic information and application of phyto-constituents.

             To understand the various phytoconstituents-based formulations for disease management

             Herbal drugs used for cosmetic application

             Phyto drug delivery systems and their applications

             To provide detailed knowledge about the technical aspects of the formulation part.

             To update readers with the latest research progress in this emerging research area.

             To provide the details about the patent filed, technology transfer, market potential, and regulatory aspects for the same.


    1. Naringenina promising therapeutic agent: Aspects in various diseases

    Neha Raina, Riya Nagpal, Abhishek Wahi, Priyanka Sharma, Vivek Yadav, Rakesh Pahwa,Vikas Sharma, Madhu Gupta

    2.  Novel Delivery Systems for Natural Products in Improved Therapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis

    GurleenKour, Syed AssimHaq, Govind Yadav, Prem N Gupta, Zabeer Ahmed

    3. Phyto-Armamentarium to Manage Metabolic Syndrome: Perspectives and Prospects

    Pratiksha Sharma, Sanyam Sharma, Ashish Baldi

    4.Role of curcumin and its nanotechnological innovations in cancer therapeutics

    Soledad Ravetti Ariel G Garro, Sofía G Brignone, Carolina Bessone Daniel Allemandi, Daniela Quinteros

    5.Lipid Based carriers with phytoconstituents for cancer therapy 

    V Sankar , B Shanmuganathan Alias Viswesh, M Karthikeyan

    6. Application of Phytodrug Delivery in Various Therapeutic Applications for Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Abhishek Wahi, Riya Nagpal, AnushaThota, Sushma Dev, Priti Jain

    7. New Generation NanocarriersFor Ocular Delivery Of Resveratrol: A Multiple Beneficial

    AgustinaAlaimo, Cecilia Tettamanti, Oscar E. Perez, Daniel Allemandi ,DanielaQuinteros

    8. Phenolic compounds delivery systems andanti-aging application

    FábiaRafaella Silva Alves, Bárbara Cristina Silva HolandaQueiroz, Ana Beatriz da Silva AraújoSena, Gilson Cassiano de GóesNeto, Simone Braga Carneiro, ÁdleyAntoniniNeves de Lima

    9. Delivery of Cannabidiol to and through the skin: Cannabidiol as phytopharmaceutical ingredient and the challenging task of developing CBD-loaded topical and transdermal formulations

    ThaísNogueiraBarradas, FabrícioFelippe dos Santos, Caroline Cristiane de Oliveira, Stephani Araujo Cardoso

    10. Novel Phytopharmaceuticals Used For Wound Healing

    Meghna A. Singh, Abhishek Wahi, Anil Kumar Teotia, Prasad Thota, RaunakVarshney, Madhu Gupta

    11.Novel Phytopharmaceuticals Used as Antipsoriatic

    Asma Praveen, JovitaKanoujia, Madhu Gupta, Vijender Kumar, Sakshi Bajaj, Arya L Marisetti, Saveena Chauhan, Saurabh Bhatia, Ajay Sharma

    12. Exploration of Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory Activities of Hesperidin Based Formulation

    Radha Rani, Meghna Amrita Singh, Abhishek Wahi, Riya Nagpal, Priyanka Sharma, Ajay Kumar Sharma, Nagendra Singh Chauhan, Madhu Gupta

    13.Application of Phyto-Drug Delivery Systems for Treatment and Management of Ulcerative Colitis

    Pooja Mongia Raj, Anshul Gupta, Madhu Gupta, Abhishek Vahi, SunitaMinz, Rakesh Raj

    14. Novel Phytopharmaceuticals:A Promising Era for Anti-Ageing

    ShikhaShori, Abhishek Wahi, Neha Raina, RadhaRani,DurgeshNandini Chauhan, Madhu Gupta


    Durgesh Nandini Chauhan, MPharm, has several years of academic (teaching) experience at institutes in India in pharmaceutical sciences working in Columbia College of Pharmacy, Raipur CG India. She taught subjects as pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, traditional concepts of medicinal plants, drug delivery, phytochemistry, cosmetic technology, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical packaging, quality assurance, dosage form designing, and anatomy and physiology. She is member of the Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India, SILAE: Società Italo-Latinoamericana di Etnomedicina (The Scientific Network on Ethnomedicine, Italy), and others. She has attended several workshops, conferences, and symposiums, including the AICTE-Sponsored Staff Development Program on “Effects of Teaching and Learning Skills in Pharmacy: Tool for Improvement of Young Pharmacy Teachers.” She has written more than ten articles published in national and international journals, 15 book chapters, and editors in 10 books. She is also active as a reviewer for several international scientific journals and an active participant at national and international conferences, including BhartiyaVigyanSammelan and the International Convention of Society of Pharmacognosy. Presently she joined Ishita Research Organization, Raipur, India as a freelance writer and guide for students in pharmacy, Ayurvedic, and science in their research projects. She would be interested in data analysis, proposal writing, questionnaire design, designing and developing research questionnaires and policy. She would be actively engaged with accurately monitoring, investigating and analyzing all statistical information, professionally presenting information, reports and investigating and documenting key data and information at the request of senior researchers.

    Dr. Madhu Gupta has research experience pertaining to drug delivery to nanoformulations for magical molecule delivery, bioligands for targeting of bioactives and drug moiety, biopolymers, cancer nanomedicine as well as topical delivery that is carried out at Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. H.S. Gour Central University, Sagar.  Dr. Gupta has done her B. Pharm (Gold Medalist), M. Pharm., Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics with experience of more than 15 years in academics, administrative functions and research in areas of Pharmaceutical nanotechnology and targeted drug delivery related to cancer, fungal infection, and psoriasis. Presently she is Associate Professor in Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University. Along with teaching and research, she is member secretary of World Class skill Centre courses, PRO, Web site In-charge, IQAC inchargewith many other managerial work.  She is pioneer scientist in the field of nanotechnology and drug delivery field. She has over More then 50 research publications to her credit published in journals of high scientific impact and contributed chapters in various renowned books and to several international and national books. She has supervised 15 M.Pharm students. Dr. Gupta has availed several prestigious fellowships and awards SRF AICTE (NDF), JRF (AICTE), Travel grant awards (DST, ICMR, INSA, and DBT, MPCST), Prof. G.P. nait Award (2004), Prof. C.S. Chauhan Award (2004). She has her research work at BioAsia Innovation Award – 2012, grace India awards, Youth Education award-2018, Young Researcher Award. She is successfully complete one project that is funded by MPCST Bhopal.

    Dr. Vikas Sharma is Divine International group of Institution Gwalior (M.P.) India.  Dr. Sharma obtained his B. Pharm from Jiwaji University Gwalior, M. Pharm. in Pharmacognosy and Ph.D. from Dr. H.S. Gour Central University Sagar. India.  Sharma is having teaching and research experience of more than 12 years.  He has made significant contributions in the area of medicinal plant research. He has been working on evidence based validation of medicinal plants and pharmacological screening of herbal drugs. Dr Sharma works on marker and biomarker analysis of herbs for quality evaluation. He has also made significant contribution on development of chemical profiling of extracts and formulation through TLC, HPTLC and LC-MS. He is supervising scientific research of the post graduation and the doctoral level. He has written several researches and review paper in reputed journals and has contributed several chapters in books on Pharmaceutical and Indigenous drugs. He is a member of various professional and academic bodies like Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI), Society of Pharmacognosy.

    Dr. Nagendra Singh Chauhan obtained his M.Pharm, Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. H.S. Gour University, Sagar,MP,India. He has around 20 years of research experience. He is presently working as a Senior Scientific Officer Grade-I and Government Analyst at Drugs Testing Laboratory Avam Anusandhan Kendra, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. He has professional expertise in Natural Product Isolation and phytopharmacology.  He has written more than 75 articles published in national and international journals and 32 book chapters and edited 7 books. Recipient of Dr. P. D. Sethi Memorial National Award for the best HPTLC publication from India in the year 2021 and 2022. He is a member of various professional and academic bodies like the Society of Pharmacognosy India, the International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce (INPST) society, SILAE: Società Italo-Latinoamericana di Etnomedicina (The Scientific Network on Ethnomedicine, Italy), Institutional Human ethical committee, Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI), and Indian Pharmacy Graduates' Association.