1st Edition

Novel Therapeutic Agents from Plants

Edited By Maria C Carpinella, M. Rai Copyright 2009
    488 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Since the advent of synthetic drugs, the use of natural products has diminished. However, the diversity of natural molecules still surpasses those from synthetic compounds, and this ensures that natural products will continue to be important for drug discovery. Besides, many of the currently used synthetic drugs have side-effects and often expensive. While there are several books on natural drugs, this volume covers multiple curative aspects of natural chemicals. It is a complete review of medicinally active metabolites produced by nature and looked at from different approaches. The book describes the effects of natural extracts and/or their isolated compounds and also gives an update of their modes of action, production and commercialisation.

    Anticancer Compounds of Plant Origin Modhumita Ghosh, Manisha Thapliyal and Krish Gurumurthi
    Antimicrobial and Antiviral Metabolites from Polypore Fungi Jordan K. Zjawiony
    Naturally Occurring Anti-Salmonella Agents and Their Modes of Action Isao Kubo, Ken-ichi Fujita and Aya Kubo
    Natural Chemotherapeutic Agents in the Control of Malaria Edith O. Ajaiyeoba
    Anti-Candida Activity of Extracts and Essential Oils from Native and Exotic Medicinal Plants in Brazil Marta Cristina Teixeira Duarte and Glyn Mara Figueira
    Bridging the Gap: Using Natural Products in Drug Discovery Research in Academia and Industry Alan L. Harvey
    Fungal Endophytes: A Potential Source of Anticancer Compounds Sunil Deshmukh and Shilpa A. Verekar
    A Review of Antifungal and Antiviral Proteins Tzi Bun Ng and Jack H. Wong
    Compounds with Antioxidant Activity from Herbs Tzi Bun Ng and Jack H. Wong
    Bioactivity of Medicinal Plants: Progress and Perspectives
    José-Luis Ríos and Rosa A. Sendra
    Cannabimimetics: The Pharmacological Potential of Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands Jürg Gertsch
    Anti-inflammatory Herbal Medicines for the Control of Pain Julia Elodie Vlachojannis, Rujee K. Duke, Van H. Tran, Colin C. Duke and Sigrun Chrubasik
    Metabolic Engineering for the Fabrications of Pharmaceutically Central Metabolites from Microorganisms and Higher Plants Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan and Arjumand Ather
    Pharmacogenomics of Biotic and Abiotic Natural Products Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cancer Therapy Thomas Efferth and Bernd Kaina
    Plant Derived Antimycobacterial Metabolites:An Overview Adewole L. Okunade and Memory P.F. Elvin-Lewis
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    Carpinella, Maria C ; Rai, M.