Noxious Range Weeds  book cover
1st Edition

Noxious Range Weeds

ISBN 9780429046483
December 13, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
482 Pages

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Book Description

This is a reference book on the classification, distribution, ecology and control of poisonous and aggressively invasive plant species on rangeland. The plants covered include leafy spurge, snakeweeds, thistles and knapweeds, woody species such as juniper, rabbitbrush, oakbrush, mesquite and saltcedar, and other noxious weeds such as dyers woad, cheatgrass and tansy ragwort.

Table of Contents

1 What Is a Noxious Weed?, 2 Environmental and Economic Impacts of Noxious Range Weeds, 3 Naturalization of Plant Species in Utah-1842 to Present, 4 Benchmarks for Rangeland Management and Environmental Quality, 5 Seed Dynamics, 6 Weed Dynamics on Rangeland, 7 Global Change and Vegetation Dynamics, 8 Noxious Weed Management Strategies, 9 Biological Control of Rangeland Weeds, 10 Principles of Chemical Control, 11 Timing of Herbicide Application for Effective Weed Control: A Plant's Ability to Respond 12 Allelopathy, 13 Improved Grasses and Forbs for lntermountain Rangelands, 14 Impact of Weeds on Herbage Production, 15 Consequences of Shrub Die-Off, 16 Economic Impact, Classification, Distribution, and Ecology of Leafy Spurge, 17 Biological Control of Leafy Spurge, 18 Controlling Leafy Spurge with Grazing Animals, 19 Chemical Control of Leafy Spurge, 20 Classification, Ecology, and Economics of Perennial Snakeweed, 21 Biological Control of Snakeweeds, 22 Chemical Control of Broom Snakeweed, 23 Toxicology of Snakeweeds, Gutierrezia microcephala and G. sarothrae, 24 Weedy Thistles of the Western United States, 25 Biennial Thistle Control with Herbicides, 26 Canada Thistle Control, L.C. Haderlie, R.S. McAllister, 27 Biological Control of Thistles, 28 Identification, Introduction, Distribution, Ecology, and Economics of Centaurea Species, 29 Biological Control of Centaurea Spp.,30 Chemical Control of Centaurea maculosa in Montana, 31 Neurotoxicity of the Knapweeds (Centaurea Spp.) in Horses, 32 Junipers of the Western U.S.: Classification, Distribution, Ecology, and Control, 33 Sagebrush: Classification, Distribution, Ecology, and Control, 34 Rabbitbrush: Classification, Distribution, Ecology, and Control, 35 Oakbrush: Classification, Ecology, and Management, 36 Mesquite: Classification, Distribution, Ecology, and Control, 37 Saltcedar (Tamarisk): Classification, Distribution, Ecology, and Control, 38 The Importance, Distribution, and Control of 39 Medusahead: Importance, Distribution, and Control, 40 Dalmatian Toadflax, Yellow Toadflax, Black Henbane, and Tansymustard: Importance, Distribution, and 42 Tansy Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea): Importance, Distribution, and Control in Oregon, E.M. Coombs, 43 Other Toxic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid-Containing Plants: Importance, Distribution, and Control, 44 Continuing the Forum for Cooperation, Notes from the Special Concurrent Session 45 Economics of Noxious Weeds and Poisonous Plants

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Lynn F. James PhD. USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory, Logan.  John 0. Evans PhD. Plants, Soils, and Biometeorology Department,  Utah State University, Logan.  Michael  H. Ralphs PhD. USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research  Laboratory, Logan.  R. Dennis Child