1st Edition

Nuances of Sexual Consent

Edited By Malachi Willis Copyright 2022
    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sexual consent represents the willingness to engage in sexual behaviour with another person. This book presents a collection of research studies that sought to uncover intricacies related to how people experience, communicate, or perceive such willingness. Is consent sexy? To what extent are descriptions of nonconsensual sex discomforting? Do past instances of nonconsensual sex affect how people experience consent in subsequent relationships? Can you be willing to have sex but not want to? When two people go home together after a date, does that mean they are consenting to have sex? What roles do gender or sexual orientation play regarding sexual consent? Does consent matter for interactions with sex robots? These questions and more are the focus of the studies described within. The many nuances underlying a person’s willingness to engage in sexual behaviour emphasise that the process of sexual consent must be ongoing and requires mutual respect between those involved.

    Nuances of Sexual Consent is a significant new contribution to sexuality studies and will be a great resource for researchers, instructors, and advanced students of Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, and Philosophy. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal Psychology & Sexuality.

    1. Introduction 
    Malachi Willis 
    2. Is consent sexy? Comparing evaluations of written erotica based on verbal sexual consent 
    Jennifer L. Piemonte, Staci Gusakova, Marissa Nichols and Terri D. Conley 
    3. Using vignette methodology to study comfort with consensual and nonconsensual depictions of pornography content 
    Kate Dawson, Chris Noone, Saoirse Nic Gabhainn and Padraig MacNeela 
    4. Sexual consent and sexual agency of women in healthy relationships following a history of sexual trauma 
    Kristen P. Mark and Laura M. Vowels 
    5. South African women’s constructions of sexual consent 
    Kayla Beare and Floretta Boonzaier 
    6. Complexities of sexual consent: Young people’s reasoning in a Swedish context 
    Charlotta Holmström, Lars Plantin and Eva Elmerstig 
    7. People perceive transitioning from a social to a private setting as an indicator of sexual consent 
    Kristen N. Jozkowski and Malachi Willis 
    8. Reprogramming consent: implications of sexual relationships with artificially intelligent partners 
    Ellen M. Kaufman 


    Malachi Willis is Research Associate in the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow, UK. He primarily researches the nuances of sexual consent, which he conceptualises as a person’s willingness to engage in a particular sexual behaviour with a particular person within a particular context.