1st Edition

Nuclear Conundrum of Iran and North Korea From Proliferation Crisis to Non-Proliferation Promise?

By Hina Pandey Copyright 2024

    This book examines Iran and North Korea from a non-proliferation lens. It highlights how these two countries stand out as nuclear challenges vis-à-vis the NPT and unpacks their nuclear history, recent developments, nuclear resolve in the times of the pandemic and future challenges in a comprehensive manner. It shows how these two issues remain similar, distinguished, dynamic but static so far progress on non-proliferation is concerned.

    The book will be a valuable read for students, scholars, academicians, policy practitioners and anyone invested and interested in nuclear issues.




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    1. Theoretical Lens and Historical Developments

    2. The JCPOA Accord: Difficult Negotiations to Abandonment

    3. US-North Korea Summit Diplomacy

    4. China Factor in Nuclear North Korea

    5. Sanctions and Pandemic: Proliferation Challenge Continues

    6. Conclusion






    Hina Pandey is Policy Analyst, having demonstrated research experience focussing on nuclear issues, including non-proliferation, security, energy-politics and the US-India’s foreign policy. This book is a part of projects undertaken during her tenure at CAPS.