2nd Edition

Nuclear Engineering Handbook

Edited By Kenneth D. Kok Copyright 2017
    1000 Pages 182 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Building upon the success of the first edition, the Nuclear Engineering Handbook, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of nuclear power engineering. Consisting of chapters written by leading experts, this volume spans a wide range of topics in the areas of nuclear power reactor design and operation, nuclear fuel cycles, and radiation detection. Plant safety issues are addressed, and the economics of nuclear power generation in the 21st century are presented. The Second Edition also includes full coverage of Generation IV reactor designs, and new information on MRS technologies, small modular reactors, and fast reactors.

    Section I Introduction: Nuclear Power Reactors

    1. Historical Development of Nuclear Power
    2. Kenneth D. Kok

    3. Pressurized Water Reactors
    4. Richard Schreiber

    5. Boiling Water Reactors
    6. Kevin Theriault

    7. Heavy Water Reactors
    8. Alistar I. Miller, John Luxat, Edward G. Price, Romney B. Duffey, and Paul J. Fehrenbach

    9. High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Thermal Reactors
    10. Chris Ellis and Arkal Shenoy

    11. Integrated Fast Reactor: PRISM
    12. Maria Pfeffer, Scott Pfeffer, Eric Loewen, Brett Dooies, and Brian Triplett

    13. MSR Technology Basics
    14. David LeBlanc

    15. Small Modular Reactors
    16. Richard R. Schultz and Kenneth D. Kok

    17. Generation IV Technologies
    18. Edwin A. Harvego and Richard R. Schultz

      Section II Introduction: Nuclear Fuel Cycle

    19. Nuclear Fuel Resources
    20. Stephen W. Kidd

    21. Uranium Enrichment
    22. Nathan (Nate) Hurt and Kenneth D. Kok

    23. Nuclear Fuel Fabrication
    24. Mclean T. Machut

    25. Spent Fuel Storage
    26. Kristopher W. Cummings

    27. Nuclear Fuel Recycling
    28. Patricia Paviet and Michael F. Simpson

    29. HWR Fuel Cycles
    30. Paul J. Fehrenbach and Alistar I. Miller

    31. Waste Disposal: Transuranic Waste, High-Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel, and Low-Level Radioactive Waste
    32. Kenneth D. Kok, Joseph Heckman, and Murthy Devarakonda

    33. Radioactive Materials Transportation
    34. Kurt Colborn

    35. Decontamination and Decommissioning
    36. Cidney B. Voth

      Section III Introduction: Related Engineering and Analytical Processes

    37. Risk Assessment and Safety Analysis for Commercial Nuclear Reactors
    38. Yehia F. Khalil

    39. Nuclear Safety of Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated Nuclear Facilities
    40. Arlen R. Schade

    41. Neutronics
    42. Ronald E. Pevey

    43. Heat Transfer, Thermal Hydraulic, and Safety Analysis
    44. Shripad T. Revankar

    45. Thermodynamics and Power Cycles
    46. Peter D. Friedman

    47. Economics of Nuclear Power
    48. Jay F. Kunze and Edward S. Lum

    49. Radiation Protection
    50. Mark R. Ledoux

    51. Health Effects of Low Level Radiation

    Jay F. Kunze


    Kenneth D. Kok, P.E., has over 40 years of varied experience in the nuclear industry. He is currently a consultant in the nuclear engineering field, based in Richland, Washington. Dr. Kok has served as the chair of the ASME Nuclear Engineering Division, directed the ASME course related to D&D, and supported the ICEM and ICONE meetings as a track leader and session chair. He has also served as the co-chair of ICEM.

    "Kenneth Kok’s Nuclear Engineering handbook provides a comprehensive summary of the technologies, challenges and economics of the nuclear industry"
    —William J. Madia, Stanford University, California, USA