Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Agriculture  book cover
1st Edition

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Agriculture

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ISBN 9780849368646
Published April 30, 1989 by CRC Press
456 Pages

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Book Description

This informative publication presents the broad application of nuclear magnetic resonance to many of today's problem areas in agriculture. Solid-state NMR methodology is covered, with its applications to the study of intact agricultural matrices such as plant cell walls, photosynthetic chloroplast membranes, forages, wood cellulose, and soils. In vivo solution NMR methodology and its applications to the study of different functioning plant tissues and their biochemical responses to various pathological, physiological, and toxicological stresses are illustrated with examples using 31P, 13C, 23Na, and 15N resonance methods. An introductory chapter presents a review of the in vivo literature and some basic principles and requirements for carrying out such experiments. A special section focuses on state-of-the-art 13C and 1H high-resolution multidimensional methods and their application to the study of agricultural toxins; biologically active components, including their structures and biosyntheses, and dynamic measurements of relaxation phenomena associated with cross relaxation in water bound to food proteins.

Table of Contents

IN VIVO NMR. Introduction to High-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy and Its Application to In Vivo Studies of Agricultural Systems. Phosphorus-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies in Higher Plant Cells. NMR Studies of Metabolism in Hypoxic Maize Root Tips. NMR Studies of Intact Seeds. IN VITRO SOLUTION NMR STUDIES (1D and 2D HIGH-RESOLUTION METHODS). The Use of NMR in Structure Determination of Natural Products Derived from Plants. High-Field NMR Studies of Photosynthesis. High-Resolution NMR Studies of Food Proteins. Relaxation and Cross-Relaxation: NMR Determinations of Water Interactions with Proteins. SOLID-STATE NMR OF INTACT AGRICULTURAL POLYMERS AND MATRICES. Introduction to Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and Its Application to the Study of Soils and Related Systems. Structure of Cellulose as Studied by CP/MAS 13C NMR Spectroscopy. The Structure and Degradation of Intact Plant Cell Wall Matrices by 13C CP/MAS NMR and Related Techniques. Solid-State NMR Studies of Treated Wood and Lignin. Probing Metabolism with Double-Cross Polarization Solid-State NMR. Solid-State NMR Approaches for Resolving Components of Plant Materials. NMR IMAGING. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Agricultural Research. Index.

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