1st Edition

Nuclear Power, Pollution and Politics

By Bob Burton Copyright 1990

    Places the environmental issues related to the production of nuclear power in their political context. It evaluates the extent of nuclear pollution, in comparison with other forms of power, and looks at the future of energy.

    1. The Basics of Power Systems 2. Key Nuclide Flows in Nuclear Systems 3. Arisings of Power System Wastes 4. Disposal of Liquid and Solid Wastes 5. Health Hazards from Power Systems 6. Casualties from Routine Operations 7. Health Effects from Infrequent and More Serious Accidents 8. System Combinations for Future UK Power Supply 9. Political Aspects of UK Power 10. The Way Ahead


    Bob Burton

    `The book is fascinating for it presents a view of the nuclear business, its problems and opportunities, from someone who is well placed to reflect on the process from a particular perspective.' - Applied Geography