1st Edition

Nucleic Acids In Plants Volume II

By Timothy C. Hall Copyright 1979

    Our ambition in the organization of this book was to explore the current stus of knowledge about nucleic acids in plants. We wanted the reader to be able to learn how this research is being undertaken. Therefore, we asked the contributing authors to include details of approaches and methods. Where feasible, the have provided protocols that can be followed by those who wish to repeat results, extend data, make improvements, or use them in new applications.

    Part 1: Plant Virus Nucleis Acid 1. The DNA of Plant DNA Viruses 2. The RNAs of Monopartitic Plant Viruses 3. The RNAs of Multipartitic and Satellite Viruses of Plants 4. The Translation of Plant Viral RNA 4. Part 2: Viroids, Plasmids and Genetic Engineering 1. Viroids: Infectious RNA in Plants 2. Crown Gall as a Bacterial Plasmid in Plants 3. Plant Gene Manipulation Using Sexual and Somatic Cell Techniques