1st Edition

Number Sense Routines Building Mathematical Understanding Every Day in Grades 3-5

By Jessica Shumway Copyright 2018

    Following up her best-selling book, Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K-3, Jessica Shumway turns her focus to upper elementary classrooms. Number Sense Routines: Developing Mathematical Understanding Every Day in Grades 3-5 is about tapping into every child' s innate number sense and providing daily, connected experiences that are responsive to children's learning needs. Consistent, Daily Routines Work:' Adaptable to any curriculum, Shumway' s 5, 10, or 15 minute warm-up routines are an easy and effective way to build and solidify students' number sense foundations as a supplement to any program

    Planning and Facilitating Your Classroom:' No matter how familiar the routine, Shumway provides insight on how to keep daily warm-ups fresh. She reveals careful thinking and planning that goes into each routine and offers detailed vignettes and dialogues of how they unfold in real classrooms

    Assessment Strategies:' As students engage in the process, each routine becomes an exciting opportunity to gain insight into where they are in their understanding and help students articulate their mathematical thinking

    Identify Big Ideas: Not only will these math routines help develop students' mathematical understanding as they move towards using standard algorithms, but teachers will learn to better recognize the big ideas that emerge in discussions, how to encourage important strategies based in number sense, and how to facilitate conversations on key mathematical concepts.

    "These routines may appear in other places, [but] I have never seen them written in such detail and with so many variations.... Although she makes what she does sound easy, we all know that teaching math well is anything but easy. It is challenging and complex. Unpacking what students are saying, helping them make connections not only to the math but to each other's ideas, while simultaneously recording their ideas using mathematical models, visuals, or equations is no easy task.

    Jessica provides wonderful visuals, examples of student work, and so much more to help educators develop the tools they need to improve their practice and in so doing improve student learning."

    From the Foreword by math coach and consultant Lucy West

    Part I: Building Number Sense Through Routines  1. Number Sense  2. Improving Number Sense and Mathematical Understanding  Part II: Number Sense Routines 3. Visual Routines  4. Counting Routines  5. Playing with Quantities Developing, Representing, and Generalizing Number System Understandings  Part III: More Than Just the Routine  6. Learning from Each Other  7. Planning Responsive Number Sense Routines


    Jessica Shumway has worked as a second-, third-, and fourth-grade classroom teacher and as a mathematics coach for teachers of grades Pre-K-5 in Texas and Virginia Title I schools. She is an assistant professor of mathematics education at Utah State University where she teaches math methods for undergraduate preservice teachers and conducts research focused on understanding and improving early childhood mathematics education. She is also the author of Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K-3 (Stenhouse 2011).