1st Edition

Numerical Analysis 1999

Edited By G.A. Watson, D.F. Griffiths Copyright 2000
    288 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    288 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    Of considerable importance to numerical analysts, this text contains the proceedings of the 18th Dundee Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis, featuring eminent analysts and current topics. The papers cover everything from partial differential equations to linear algebra and approximation theory and contain contributions from the leading experts in the field. The applications range from image processing and molecular dynamics to superconductivity.

    If you rely on numerical methods, Numerical Analysis 1999 will serve as an essential guide to the direction of current research.

    Mixed hp-Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Flow
    -M. Ainsworth, P. Coggins, and B. Senior

    Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Optimization Problems
    -R. Becker, H. Kapp and R. Rannacher

    Variational PDE Models and Methods for Image Processing
    -P. Blomgren, T. F. Chan, P. Mulet, L. Vese, and W.L. Wan

    Interacting with the Subgrid World
    -F. Brezzi

    The Computing Power of Geometry
    -F. Chaitin-Chatelin

    Numerical Approximation of Vortex Density Evolution in a Superconductor
    -C.M.Elliott and V.M.Styles

    Krylov Subspace Methods for Radial Basis Function Interpolation
    -A.C. Faul and M.J.D. Powell

    A Homotopy Method for Mixed Complementarity Problems Based on the PATH Solver
    -M. Ferris, T. S. Munson, and D. Ralph

    Energy Conservation by Störmer-Type Numerical Integrators
    -E. Hairer and Ch. Lubich

    New Results on FETI Methods for Elliptic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients
    -A. Klawonn and O. B. Widlund

    The Search for Good Polynomial Interpolation Points on the Sphere
    -I. H. Sloan and R. S. Womersley

    Gramian Based Model Reduction of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
    -P. Van Dooren

    Solving Data Fitting Problems in lp Norms with Bounded Uncertainties in the Data
    -G. A. Watson


    G.A. Watson, D.F. Griffiths

    "The papers cover a wide range of topics from partial differential equations to linear algebra and approximation theory and contain contributions from leading experts in the field …strongly recommended to researchers and postgraduate students involved in numerical analysis, and to engineers or scientists using numerical methods."
    -European Mathematical Society Newsletter, No. 40 (June 2001)