1st Edition

Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

ISBN 9780891165224
Published January 1, 1980 by CRC Press
214 Pages

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Book Description

This book focuses on heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, chemical reaction, and other related processes that occur in engineering equipment, the natural environment, and living organisms. Using simple algebra and elementary calculus, the author develops numerical methods for predicting these processes mainly based on physical considerations. Through this approach, readers will develop a deeper understanding of the underlying physical aspects of heat transfer and fluid flow as well as improve their ability to analyze and interpret computed results.

Table of Contents

Scope of the Book, Methods of Prediction, Outline of the Book, 2 Mathematical Description of Physical Phenomena, Governing Differential Equations, Nature Coordinates, 3 Discretization Methods,  The Nature of Numerical Methods, Methods of Deriving the Discretization Equations, An Illustrative Example, The Four Basic Rules, Closure, 4 Heat Conduction, Objectives of the Chapter, Steady One-dimensional Conduction, Unsteady One-dimensional Conduction, Two- and Three-dimensional Situations, Overrelaxatioin and Underrelaxation, Some Geometric Considerations, Closure, 5 Convection and Diffusion,  The Task, Steady One-dimensional Convection and Diffusion, Discretization Equation for Two Dimensions, Discretization Equation for Three Dimensions, A One-Way Space Coordinate, False Diffusion, Closure, 6 Calculation of the Flow Field, Some Related Difficulties, A Remedy: The Staggered Grid, The Momentum Equation,  The Pressure and Velocity Corrections, The Pressure-Correction Equation, The SIMPLE Algorithm, A Revised Algorithm: SIMPLER, 7 Finishing Touches, The Iterative Nature of the Procedure, Source-Term Linearization, Irregular Geometries, Suggestions for Computer-Program Preparation and Testing,  8 Special Topics, Two-dimensional Parabolic Flow, Three-dimensional Parabolic Flow, Partially Parabolic Flow, The Finite-Element Method, 9 Illustrative Applications, Developing Flow in a Curved Pipe, Combined Convection in a Horizontal Tube, Melting around a Vertical Pipe, Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Internally Finned Tubes, A Deflected Turbulent Jet, A Hypermixing Jet within a Thrust-Augmenting Ejector, A Periodic Fully Developed Duct Flow, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a Steam Generator, Closing Remarks, Nomenclature, References, Index

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