1st Edition

Numerical Methods for Finance

Edited By John Miller, David Edelman, John Appleby Copyright 2008
    312 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    312 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Featuring international contributors from both industry and academia, Numerical Methods for Finance explores new and relevant numerical methods for the solution of practical problems in finance. It is one of the few books entirely devoted to numerical methods as applied to the financial field.

    Presenting state-of-the-art methods in this area, the book first discusses the coherent risk measures theory and how it applies to practical risk management. It then proposes a new method for pricing high-dimensional American options, followed by a description of the negative inter-risk diversification effects between credit and market risk. After evaluating counterparty risk for interest rate payoffs, the text considers strategies and issues concerning defined contribution pension plans and participating life insurance contracts. It also develops a computationally efficient swaption pricing technology, extracts the underlying asset price distribution implied by option prices, and proposes a hybrid GARCH model as well as a new affine point process framework. In addition, the book examines performance-dependent options, variance reduction, Value at Risk (VaR), the differential evolution optimizer, and put-call-futures parity arbitrage opportunities.

    Sponsored by DEPFA Bank, IDA Ireland, and Pioneer Investments, this concise and well-illustrated book equips practitioners with the necessary information to make important financial decisions.

    Coherent Measures of Risk into Everyday Market Practice. Pricing High-Dimensional American Options Using Local Consistency Conditions. Adverse Inter-Risk Diversification Effects for FX Forwards. Counterparty Risk under Correlation between Default and Interest Rates. Optimal Dynamic Asset Allocation for Defined Contribution Pension Plans. On High-Performance Software Development for the Numerical Simulation of Life Insurance Policies. An Efficient Numerical Method for Pricing Interest Rate Swaptions. Empirical Testing of Local Cross Entropy as a Method for Recovering Asset's Risk-Neutral PDF from Option Prices. Using Intraday Data to Forecast Daily Volatility: A Hybrid Approach. Pricing Credit from the Top Down with Affine Point Processes. Valuation of Performance-Dependent Options in a Black-Scholes Framework. Variance Reduction through Multilevel Monte Carlo Path Calculations. Value at Risk and Self-Similarity. Parameter Uncertainty in Kalman Filter Estimation of the CIR Term Structure Model. EDDIE for Discovering Arbitrage Opportunities. Index.


    John A. D. Appleby , David C. Edelman, John J. H. Miller