1st Edition

Numerical Solutions for Nanocomposite Structures

    280 Pages 81 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Numerical Solutions for Nanocomposite Structures provides an in-depth exploration of structural analysis using numerical methods grounded in rigorous mathematical modeling. Theoretical foundations are established by comprehensively elucidating theories governing beams, plates, and shells, leading to the derivation of governing equations based on the stress-strain relationship. The process of obtaining governing equations through the energy method, application of boundary conditions, and the utilization of numerical methods to calculate deflection, frequency, and buckling loads is meticulously explained, providing readers with valuable insights into structural analysis methodologies.

    • Includes diverse numerical examples involving beams, plates, and pipes, providing a comprehensive understanding of underlying theories and relationships.
    • Provides numerous practical examples demonstrating the application of numerical methods to address challenges in civil and mechanical engineering problems.
    • Discusses the unique mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of nanocomposites, and how their use can be utilized in various industries.

    Mathematical Modeling of Structures. Numerical Methods. Buckling of Nanocomposite Beam. Vibration of Nanocomposite Beams. Dynamic Buckling of Nanocomposite Beams. Buckling of Nanocomposite Plates. Vibration of Nanocomposite Plates. Dynamic Buckling of Nanocomposite Plates. Buckling of Nanocomposite Shells. Vibration of Nanocomposite Shells. Forced Vibration of Nanocomposite Shell.


    Maryam Shokravi received her PhD. degree from University of Kashan in the field of engineering, Iran in 2015. During her sabbatical period at Northeastern University in Boston in 2014-2015, she focused on nano and piezoelectric materials in mechanical engineering. With a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kashan University and a Bachelor's degree from Iran University of Science & Technology, Maryam has a strong educational background. She has an extensive teaching experience, having served as a faculty member at Buein Zahra Technical University, Islamic Azad University of Saveh and principal of Mehrab High School. Her courses taught include Strength of Material, Statics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Dynamics, Vibration, Physics, and Mathematics. Dr. Shokravi has received several honors and awards, including the Best Researcher University Award at Buein Zahra Technical University in 2017 and being ranked first in the Iranian Physics Olympiad Exam among about 35,000 students in 1996. Her research areas encompass applied mechanics, computational solid mechanics, mathematical modeling, numerical solutions of partial differential equations, modeling of micro/nano structures, higher-order continuum theories, piezoelectric materials, and functionally graded materials. Maryam has an impressive list of publications in reputable journals and conferences, covering topics such as vibrations, buckling, and dynamic analyses of various structures, including nanocomposites, sandwich plates, and cylindrical shells. She has contributed to advancing the understanding of complex phenomena in the field of mechanics and materials.

    Amin Shagholani Loor is a dedicated civil engineer with a wealth of experience and expertise. He received his PhD. degrees from Khomein Azad University in 2023. Amin has already earned a Master's degree from East Azerbaijan University of Science and Research and a Bachelor's degree from Anzali Azad University. Throughout his impressive career, Amin has served as the Mayor of Dillman, a university lecturer for 12 years in associate and bachelor degree programs in civil engineering, and the construction manager of Siahkol municipality for 5 years. Amin's multifaceted role includes responsibilities such as controlling structural drawings, supervising construction projects, and actively participating in various engineering associations. Amin has showcased his expertise through published papers in reputable journals, focusing on reliability analysis and optimization of building beams reinforced by steel fibers. Additionally, he has actively participated in seminars and workshops, contributing to his deep understanding of engineering rights and the interpretation of regulations.