1st Edition

Nursing a Radical Imagination Moving from Theory and History to Action and Alternate Futures

    288 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    288 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Examining the historical context of healthcare whilst focusing on building a more just, equitable world, this book proposes a radical imagination for nursing and presents possibilities for speculative futures embracing queer, feminist, posthuman, and abolitionist frames.

    Bringing together radical and emancipatory perspectives from an international selection of authors, this book reflects on the realities created by the COVID-19 pandemic, recognizing that our situation is not new but the result of ongoing hegemonies and injustices. The authors attend to the history of nursing and related institutions, examining the assumptions, ideologies, and discourses that shape the discipline and its place within healthcare. They explore the impact of this context on contemporary nursing and look at alternative visions for the future. The final section specifically focuses on ways that we can move forward.

    Envisioning new possibilities for nursing, this innovative volume is a vital resource for practitioners, scholars and students keen to promote social justice within and without nursing. It is an important contribution to nursing theory, philosophy and history.


    Part I: Towards a Re/Visioned History for Nursing

    Chapter 1- Alleviating the Suffering of Others: Nursing and Humanitarian Reason Under Neoliberalism, Thomas Foth, and Evy Nazon

    Chapter 2- Finding CASSANDRA: Mythology, Hagiography, Historiography for Nursing

    Jess Dillard Wright

    Chapter 3- Madeleine Knows Best: Culture, Race, and Whiteness in the Discipline of Nursing

    Cory Ellen Gattrall

    Part II: A Critical Understanding of the Present

    Chapter 4- For Whom Does the Alarm Bell Toll? On Nursing Identity and Revolution

    Candace Burton, Dave Holmes, Danisha Jenkins, and Jon McIntyre

    Chapter 5- Imagining afFIRMative Futures for Nursing

    Jamie Smith and Eva Willis

    Chapter 6- Hypervisible Nurses in the Covidicene: Reclaiming the Scripts of Personhood and Agency

    Amelie Perron

    Chapter 7- Metastatic Growth: The Healthcare Industry’s Increasing Contribution to the Plasticene

    Emmanuel Christian Tedjasukmana

    Part III: A Radical Imagination for Nursing

    Chapter 8- ‘Settler Harm Reduction’ in Nursing Education: Generativity not Hierarchy

    Blythe Bell

    Chapter 9- Using Arts-Based Participatory Methods to Teach Cultural Safety

    Ruth De Souza

    Chapter 10a: Artificial Intelligence for Health and Care is Not Inevitable: Introduction and Critical Vocabulary

    Rae Walker

    Chapter 10b: Artificial Intelligence for Health and Care is Not Inevitable: Ten Commitments to New Futures

    Rae Walker

    Part IV: Getting There: Speculative Paths for the Present/Future

    Chapter 11- Horizons: Shifting the Gaze and Topography of Nursing Education

    DaJanae Gresham-Ryder, Venika Marwaha, and Claire Valderama-Wallace

    Chapter 12- Open Nursing Science: Using Citizen Science to Make Nursing Knowledge Wide-Open

    Patrick McMurray

    Chapter 13- Posthuman Pedagogy: Metamorphosing Nursing Education for a Dying Planet

    Brandon Blaine Brown

    Chapter 14- #AbolishNursing: An Ethics for Creating Safer Realities

    Em Rabelais



    Jessica Dillard-Wright is an Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst Elaine Marie College of Nursing. She/they is also the 21-22 University of California Irvine Center for Nursing Philosophy Fellow.

    Jane Hopkins-Walsh is a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner at Boston Children’s Hospital, USA, and a PhD candidate at Boston College Connell School of Nursing.

    Brandon Brown is a bedside nurse, teacher, clinical assistant professor and doctor of education student at the University of Vermont in Burlington, USA.