1st Edition

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

Edited By Thomas Moon, Marc S. Micozzi Copyright 1988

    Scientific advances have led to the recognition that many chronic diseases such as cancer may be preventable. In this volume, 36 contributions test cancer prevention hypotheses, attempt to interpret their results, and provide a guide to the background, rationale, and selection of cancer prevention agents, as well as the design, im>plementation, and evaluation of cancer prevention studies. It will offer assistance to many in the conduct of investigations and will be of interest to all in the in>terpretation of research results in the scientific literature.

    Part One RATIONALE FOR NUTRITIONAL PREVENTION OF CANCER 1. General Introduction: Rationale for the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer 2. Mechanisms for Nutritional Inhibition of Carcinogenesis 3. Experimental Evidence on the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer 33 4. Human Epidemiological Evidence on the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Part Two MEmODOLOGIC ISSUES FOR NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT 5. Analysis of Micronutrients in Foods 6. Dietary Assessment Methods 7. Methods for Detennination of Retinoids, a-Tocopherols, and Carotenoids in Human Serum, Plasma and Other Tissues Part Three EVIDENCE ON MICRONUTRIENTS AND CANCER PREVENTION 8. Foods, Micronutrients, and Reduction of Human Cancer 9. Retinoids for the Prevention of Cancer 10. /3-Carotene, Canthaxanthin, and Phytoene 11. Calcium, Vitamin D, and the Prevention of Gastrointestinal Cancer 12. a-Tocopherols (Vitamin E) 13. Ascorbic Acid in Cancer Prevention 14. Selenium Part Four PLANNING, CONDUCT, AND INTERPRETATION OF CANCER PREVENTION TRIALS 15. Approach to Selection of Agents for Cancer Prevention Trials 16. Design of Prevention Trials 17. Choice of Populations for Cancer Prevention Trials 18. The Effects of Subject Selection Factors in Cancer Prevention Trials 19. Endpoint Identification: Selection and Ascertainment 20. Practical Aspects of Cancer Prevention Trials Baron 21. Data and Safety Monitoring 22. Aspects of the Analysis and Reporting of Cancer Prevention Trials 23. Future Strategies for Cancer Prevention Trials


    Thomas Moon (AZ Cancer Center, Tucson, Arizona, USA), Marc S. Micozzi (Armed Froces Institite of Pathology, Washington D.C.)