1st Edition

Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport

Edited By Ira Wolinsky, Judy A. Driskell Copyright 2001

    A comprehensive compilation of applied topics, Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport discusses issues related to the life cycle, group specific nutritional concerns of athletes, and the particular sport of the athlete. It addresses the physically and medically disabled athlete, athletes addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana, and those with eating disorders. The book concludes with a discussion of the nutritional knowledge of athletes.
    In this latest addition to the Nutrition in Exercise and Sport series the editors have taken a different approach. The book focuses on the nutritional applications of exercise and sport rather than the usual treatment of nutrient-specific metabolism. Studies and tables clearly illustrate the concepts and provide quick and easy access to the information you need to put theory into practice.
    Although technical in nature, and the pedagogical writing style makes the book appropriate for coaches and trainers as well as nutritionists. The editors, well-known experts in their fields, have collected a panel of top-notch nutrition experts - making this book not only comprehensive but also authoritative. In addition to supplying hard-to-find information, Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport serves as a companion resource to books that take a nutrient/metabolism specific approach.

    Introduction to Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport, S.S. Jonnalagadda
    Nutritional Concerns of Athletes during the Life Cycle
    Nutritional Concerns of Pregnant and Lactating Athletes, J.D. Anding
    Nutritional Concerns of Child Athletes, N.M. Lewis and J.E. Guest
    Nutritional Concerns of Adolescent Athletes, K.A. Beals
    Nutritional Concerns of Elderly Athletes, M. Ripley, P.N. Taylor, I. Wolinsky, and D.J. Klimis-Zacas
    Nutritional Concerns of Athletes in Specific Groups
    Nutritional Concerns of Olympic and Elite Athletes, A.C. Grandjean, J.S. Ruud, and K.J. Reimers
    Nutritional Concerns of Vegetarian Athletes, M. DiPasquale
    Nutritional Concerns of Physically Disabled Athletes, J. Kandiah
    Nutritional Concerns of Athletes with Chronic Medical Conditions, B.J. Shriver and L. Mallory Boylan
    The Sport
    The Training Table, J. R. Berning
    Eating on the Road, D. Ellis
    Eating Before, During, and After the Event, R.E. Keith, H.B. Holden, and L.S. McAnulty
    Eating and Addictive Disorders/Conditions
    Nutritional Implications of Eating Disorders Among Athletes, J.S. Ruud
    Nutritional and Performance Implications of Use of Addictive Substances Among Athletes, R.J. Moffatt, S.N. Cheuvront, and J.B. Shea
    Nutritional Implications of Exercise Dependence Among Athletes, N.M. Betts
    Nutrition Knowledge of Athletes
    Nutritional Knowledge of Athletes, P.A. Henry
    Nutritional Concerns, Knowledge, and Recommendations of Coaches and Athletic Trainers, R.D. Lewis, J.A. Massoni, and K.E. Crawford
    Summary - Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport, I. Wolinsky and J. Driskell


    Ira Wolinsky, Judy A. Driskell

    "This is a well-researched, concise publication that should be on the reference bookshelf of anyone who deals with athletes of any age or physiological state."
    -Journal of the Americal Dietetic Association, July 2001, Vol. 101, Number 7