1st Edition

O'Brien's Radiology for the Ambulatory Equine Practitioner

By Timothy O'Brien Copyright 2005
    278 Pages
    by Teton NewMedia

    This concise yet thorough guide to diagnostic radiology for the equine practitioner reflects over 35 years of clinical experience by the author. The book focuses on the production of high quality diagnostic radiographs in the field: from the carpus to the foot. This practical presentation provides detailed techniques for optimal production of images and accurate interpretation of the films. It includes a detailed discussion of the imaging of the distal limbs for assessment of lameness, infectious and traumatic conditions as a component of the Purchase examination. A practical assessment of the economic benefits of diagnostic radiology in the practice and methods for determining the cost and profitably is also included. This highly visual title contains over 400 high quality diagnostic images to aid the clinical in correctly diagnosing patents. This book is an exceptional guide to producing excellent quality radiographs in the field and belongs in glove box of every equine practitioner’s truck.

    Published by Teton New Media USA and distributed by CRC Press outside of North America.

    1. Producing High Quality Radiographs
    2. Economic Issues of Radiology for the
    Ambulatory Equine Practitioner
    3. Radiographic Interpretation of Horses with
    Clinical Signs of Infection or Joint Disease
    4. Radiography of The Distal Extremity
    5. Basic Information for Radiographic Interpretation
    of the Distal Extremity Examination
    6. Radiographic Interpretation of the Third Phalanx,
    Hoof Wall, and Soft Tissue Structures in the Foot
    7. Radiographic Interpretation of the Navicular Bone
    8. Radiographic Interpretation of the Fetlock
    9. Radiographic Interpretation of the Carpus
    10. Radiographic Interpretation of the Tarsus
    11. Radiographic Interpretation of the
    Stifle and Proximal Tibia
    12. Role of Radiology in the Purchase Examination


    Timothy O'Brien