1st Edition

OMICS Biomedical Perspectives and Applications

Edited By Debmalya Barh, Kenneth Blum, Margaret A. Madigan Copyright 2012
    622 Pages 11 Color & 125 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    622 Pages 11 Color & 125 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A reflection of the explosion of research and development in this field, OMICS: Biomedical Perspectives and Applications explores applications of omics in bioinformatics, cancer research and therapy, diabetes research, plant science, molecular biology, and neurosciences. A select editorial panel of experts discusses their cutting edge omics research and novel technologies, supplying a basic platform of methods and applications and a resource for enhanced cross-pollination in a multiomics approach to future endeavors in the fertile fields of omics research.

    After an introduction on the omics universe, the book presents modern omics and its applications in nanotechnology, genomics, proteomics, metagenomics, toxicogenomics, immunomics, nutrigenomics, diabetes, neurology, cardiology, and cancer to name just a few. The book begins with an overview of omics and omic technologies such as cellomics, glycomics, and lipidomics. It also discusses bioinformatics, demonstrating how it can be a tool in omics, and examines the various approaches of omics technology in toxicology research and applications in biomedical sciences.

    While there are a long list of omics books available, most focus narrowly on one area. Presenting a wide view of the current status of integrative omics, this resource contains complete coverage of omics in research and therapy, ranging from neuroscience to cardiology. It collates recent developments in the field into a state-of-the-art framework for this discipline.

    SECTION I: Methodology and Application

    Bioinformatics: A Brief Introduction to Changing Trends in Modern Biology, A.A. Singh and P. Somvanshi

    Nutrigenomics, M. Verghese and J. Boateng

    Omics Approaches in Toxicology Research and Biomedical Applications, N.L. López-Corrales, A. Miyoshi, V. Azevedo, T. Stuztman, and D. Barh

    Stem Cells: Basics and Therapeutic Applications, A.K. Arya and K. Tripathi

    Emerging Trends of Nanotechnology in Omics-Based Drug Discovery and Development, S. Selvarajan

    Magnetic Nanoparticles in Biomedical Applications, R. Zhang and H. Olin

    High-Throughput Screening in Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis, M. El Sayed Zaki

    High-Throughput Omics: The Application of Automated High-Throughput Methods and Systems for Solutions in Systems Biology, Ü. Kolukisaoglu and K. Thurow

    Safety in Diagnostic Imaging Techniques Used in Omics, R. Visaria, S. Prakash, J.T. Vaughan, and D. Shrivastava


    SECTION II: Empirical Research

    Molecular Genetics of Human Cancers: Modulation of the Tumor Suppressor Function of RB1 Gene Product in Human Vestibular Schwannomas, M.L. Gope, R. Mitra, and R. Gope

    Forward Genetics Approach in Genomics: Functional Identifi cation of Unknown Genes, B. Chatterjee

    Proteomics of Phagosomal Pathogens: Lessons from Listeria monocytogens and New Tools in Immunology, E. Rodriguez-Del Rio, C. Carranza-Cereceda, L. Fernandez-Prieto, J. Ramós-Vivas, and C. Alvarez-Dominguez


    SECTION III: Computational and Systems Biology

    In a Quest to Uncover Governing Principles of Cellular Networks: A Systems Biology Perspective, K. Selvarajoo and M. Tsuchiya

    Intermolecular Interaction in Biological Systems, Y. Fukunishi

    Implanted Brain-Machine Interfaces in Rats: A Modern Application of Neuromics, W. Chen, J. Dai, S. Zhang, X. Zheng, and X. Hu


    SECTION IV: Therapeutics

    Pharmacogenomics in Development of Disease-Specifi c Therapeutic Strategy, S. Sharma and A. Munshi

    Omics Approaches in Cancer Biomarker and Targeted Anticancer Drug Discovery, D. Dhawan and H. Padh

    Recent Advances in MicroRNA Expression Profiling Toward a Molecular Anatomy of Tumorigenesis and Applications for Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Therapeutics, H. Ohdaira and K. Yoshida

    Marine Metabolomics in Cancer Chemotherapy, D.M. Pereira, G. Correia-da-Silva, P. Valentão, N. Teixeira, and P.B. Andrade

    Genome-Wide Association Studies of Type 2 Diabetes: Current Status, Open Challenges, and Future Perspectives, H. Hong, L. Xu, D.L. Mendrick, and W. Tong

    Cardiac Channelopathies: Applications of Genomics and Proteomics in Diagnosis and Therapy, C. Viero

    Toward an Omic Perspective on Infectious Disease and Its Therapy: Integrating Immunoinformatics, Immunomics, and Vaccinomics, M.N. Davies and D.R. Flower

    NeuroAIDS and Omics of HIV Vpr, A. Swarup Verma, U. Pratap Singh, P. Mallick, P. Dhar Dwivedi, and A. Singh

    Epigenetics in Neuropsychiatry, T. Archer and K. Blum

    Neurogenetics and Nutrigenomics of Reward Deficiency Syndrome, K. Blum


    SECTION V: Future Perspective

    Future Perspective: Paving a Path to Optimization of Health, D. Barh, M.A. Madigan, and K. Blum



    Debmalya Barh, Kenneth Blum, Margaret A. Madigan

    … this book will be intensively useful to scientists from both academia and industry, teachers and professors, health professionals, and mostly students, who should be encouraged to study and learn from its wisdom.
    —From the Foreword by Debasis Bagchi, PhD, MACN, CNS, MAIChE, Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Houston, Texas