2nd Edition

Occupational Health Services A Practical Approach

    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    Workers and their families, employers, and society as a whole benefit when providers deliver the best quality of care to injured workers and when they know how to provide effective services for both prevention and fitness for duty and understand why, instead of just following regulations.

    Designed for professionals who deliver, manage, and hold oversight responsibility for occupational health in an organization or in the community, Occupational Health Services guides the busy practitioner and clinic manager in setting up, running, and improving healthcare services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and occupational management of work-related health issues. The text covers:

    • an overview of occupational health care in the US and Canada: how it is organized, who pays for what, how it is regulated, and how workers’ compensation works
    • how occupational health services are managed in practice, whether within a company, as a global network, in a hospital or medical group practice, as a free-standing clinic, or following other models
    • management of core services, including recordkeeping, marketing, service delivery options, staff recruitment and evaluation, and program evaluation
    • depth and detail on specific services, including clinical service delivery for injured workers, periodic health surveillance, impairment assessment, fitness for duty, alcohol and drug testing, employee assistance, mental health, health promotion, emergency management, global health management, and medico-legal services.

    This highly focused and relevant combined handbook and textbook is aimed at improving the provision of care and health protection for workers and will be of use to both managers and health practitioners from a range of backgrounds, including but not limited to medicine, nursing, health services administration, and physical therapy.

    Preface  The Occupational Health Care System  Tee L. Guidotti  2. Workers’ Compensation  Judith Green-McKenzie  3. Occupational Health Law  Mark A. Rothstein  4. Occupational Safety and Health Regulation  Judith Green-McKenzie  5. Ethics  Tee L. Guidotti  6. Corporate and In-House Occupational Health Services  Joel Bender  7. Global Occupational Health  Joel Bender  8. Strategic Planning  Tee L. Guidotti  9. Hospitals and Medical Groups  Judith Green-McKenzie  10. Staffing and Personnel  Donna Lee Gardner  11. Facilities and Equipment  Donna Lee Gardner  12. Office Procedures  Donna Lee Gardner and Karen O’Hara  13. Records  Donna Lee Gardner  14. Professional Preparation and Training  Suzanne Arnold and Tee L. Guidotti  15. Marketing  Frank H. Leone  16. Services and Service Lines  Tee L. Guidotti and Craig Karpilow  17. Quality and Performance Indicators  Tee L. Guidotti  18. Benefit and Cost Analysis  Joel Bender and Ray Fabius  19. Primary-care Level Clinical Services  David G. Lukcso  20. Periodic Health Surveillance and Monitoring  Tee L. Guidotti  21. Hazard Evaluation and Management  Tee L. Guidotti  22. Fitness for Duty  David G. Lukcso  23. Equal Access  David Lukcso and Suzanne Arnold  24. Absence and Leave  Tee L. Guidotti  25. Independent Medical Evaluation  David G. Lukcso  26. Impairment Assessment  David G. Lukcso  27. Drug and Alcohol Testing  David G. Lukcso  28. Employee Assistance Programs  David G. Lukcso  29. Psychological Health and Safety  M. Suzanne Arnold and Ian M. F. Arnold  30. Health Promotion  Joel Bender and Sami Bég  31. Emergency Management at the Enterprise Level  Tee L. Guidotti  32. Medicolegal Services Tee L. Guidotti  Appendix 1. An Occupational Health Audit  Appendix 2. A Reference Bookshelf for an Occupational Health Service


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    Joel Bender, MD, PhD, FACOEM, Global Medical Director, U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc., USA.

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    Marion Stecklow, MLT, CHCM, Environmental Health Consultant, USA.


    Contributing Coauthors

    Ian M. F. Arnold, MD, MSc, DOHS, FRCPC, CRSP, CEA, CSPQ, Consultant in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety, Canada.

    Sami A. Bég, MD, MPA, MPH, Associate Medical Director, U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc., USA.

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